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Latest Fines for the Montreal Impact and Marco Schallibaum: Mass Confrontation

The MLS Disciplinary Committee sent out its latest press release that included fines for the Montreal Impact but only a warning for the Vancouver Whitecaps for Mass Confrontation.

Raphael Larocque-Cyr

Both Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps violated the League's mass confrontation policy in the 38th minute of their Sept. 20 game. The Impact are fined $10,000 and Head Coach Marco Schallibaum is fined $2,000 because this is the club's third infraction. Vancouver received an official warning for its first violation of the season.

I still don't understand the adamant behavior towards this press release from fans and colleagues alike. Choosing a sarcastic attitude combined with a conspiracy-theorist mentality, as if Major League Soccer had something against the Montreal Impact and Marco Schallibaum.

If this is true, I would invite Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis to make public statements on this injustice.

But instead of reading the press release, we react on why did the Vancouver Whitecaps not get fined. But the explanation is 100% clear

Vancouver received an official warning for its first violation of the season.

But something that I will not find acceptable is why did Martin Rennie not get fined and suspended for stepping out of his technical zone. 20,006 fans and 40 media members saw that Rennie did not mind getting frequently out of his zone.

This squabble between who gets suspended and who walks away care-free is starting to get old and annoying. If only MLS would behave more consistently and that includes to make sure that the Disciplinary Committee does not miss one infraction.