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Montreal Impact host C.D. Heredia: Won't somebody think of the children

C.D. Heredia comes to Stade Saputo as the group leader with the intention of qualifying past the group stage tonight. Even if mathematically possible, the Montreal Impact’s chances to qualify are bleak.

Impact de Montreal

Even with a big win over C.D. Heredia, the Montreal Impact still depend on the San Jose Earthquakes having the perfect result agsinst Heredia. From there, goal differentials will be the difference maker. I will not even get into how many goals the Impact need to score to keep the hope alive.

"It gives us confidence that what some might think is impossible is possible Andrew Wenger

Currently, Montreal is tied for second in the group standings with San Jose. CD Heredia is top of the group as it won both of its home games: talking about home team advantage. After the outrage of fans as Montreal fielded an inexperienced squad in Guatemala, a very similar team could and should be fielded at Stade Saputo tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

Let's not lie to ourselves, to each other and to everyone else: Making the MLS playoffs is the only goal that the Impact should be focused on. Not to disregard the CONCACAF Champions League but Les Bleus have been playing under .500 since the mid-season mark in Major League Soccer.

This is no disrespect the CCL as a whole but priorities need to be set. As much as the 6-0 thrashing of Toronto FC was magical, it's time to make priorities, at least make them official.

At this point, the Impact has to focus on the Chicago Fire, next Saturday, as it has not taken one single point from Toyota Park. Until then, let the young and bench players loose. As much as the Guatemalan experiment went sour, don't you wish that these younger players had more games under their belts?

My Expected Starting XI 

Evan Bush

Karl W. Ouimette - Hassoun Camara - Wandrille Lefevre - Maxime Tissot

Sanna Nyassi - Collen Warner - Felipe Martins - Blake Smith

Andrew Wenger - Daniele Paponi