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Got Questions? I've got Answers by Regge : Hassoun Camara Impact MVP?

I am back with ‘‘Got Questions? I've got Answers by Regge ‘‘. I tackle the Montreal Impact's formation changes with Bernardello's injury after the 4-2 win over the New England Revolution. Is Hassoun Camara the Impact's MVP and has Mapp become too predictable?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

My latest thoughts include a look at the Montreal Impact's formation changes with the absence of Hernan Bernardello after the 4-2 win over the New England Revolution. Is Hassoun Camara the Impact's MVP and has Justin Mapp become too predictable?

Can Hassoun be the Impact's most valuable player?

Is he the best player on the Impact's squad?  Probably not. Is he one of the fan favorite? I believe so. Is he giving is 100% every time is step on the field? Absolutely.

This is why Hassoun Camara is so valuable and precious to the Impact. His commitment on the pitch is unbelievable. He's a natural born leader and really close with the fans. He is always talking with them on twitter and celebrates with the crowd when he scores one of his special goals.

His latest performance was nearly perfect. He was solid down the right flank and quiteefficient offensively with two great assists. Game after game, he has brought his best effort. His versatility is so key for the team as he can play as a right back, left back and center back.

I still think the Impact can get more from him. His physical strength and technique are not used to their maximum potential as he plays as a right back.

Conclusion: Probably not very objective, but I'm a fan of the player and a huge fan of the man. He's the most valuable player of the team. A quiet leader.


How should we play without Bernardello?

The New-England game was the first one without the influential midfielder. Marco Schallibaum went with a 3-man midfield. Collen Warner and Patrice Bernier were playing deep and Felipe Martins was the offensive midfielder.

Without the Argentinean, the midfield was stacked up as to avoid being overrun in that zone. At first, I was worried that Felipe would lose his current form because he wasn't close enough to Di Vaio.

Nonetheless, the Brazilian played a great game and was efficient offensively and defensively. The scapegoat, Davy Arnaud played a good game down the left wing. Since we all know that he's not technically gifted, putting him on the wing put less pressure on him and on the team,  especially when he loses possession of the ball.

Conclusion: Great away win , great performance but let's not forget the Revs were playing a man down really early in the game.
I would like to see the same line up next game at home against the Crew, to see the true value of the Impact  without Bernardello.

Is Justin Mapp starting to be too predictable?

We all know is the most technical player in the team. His dribbling skills are simply unreal. He can shoot, deke and pass (tied assist leader with 7).

The problem is that when he doesn't pass the ball , he starts to become very predictable. His prefered position is on the right wing and we all know that he likes to cut inside using his devastating left foot.

But left footed wingers are dangerous when they can use their right foot sometimes. The further we go in the season, the more other team will study his game and see how predictable he is. He should be more versatile in his game and release the ball quicker when Marco Di Vaio is making those runs behind the defense.

Conclusion: It's his 13th season in the MLS and he's going to be 29 years old in a couple of weeks. I doulbt that he will modify his game.
I still expect a great end of the season and even better playoffs for the Impact's Arjen Robben.
As long as he's on top of the Assist leaders, the Montreal Impact have nothing to worry about.