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Montreal Impact Battle Back To Tie Toronto FC 3-3 at BMO Field

Down 3-1 for most of the game, the Montreal Impact battle back to tie the game and take a huge point at BMO field. Toronto FC could say that another one slipped away from them as


Three goals is usually enough to win the game but the Montreal Impact found a way to get a result at BMO field. With up and downs from both sides, the game opened up with a lot of scoring chances, close calls and accusations of diving (guess whom accused whom).

As as soon as the referee blew the whistle, the Montreal Impact exploded out of the gate as Andres Romero scores within the first 24 seconds of the game. Darren O'Dea's back pass to Joe Bendik is too short and Romero intercepts it and runs with it in the box. Cool like a cucumber, Romero takes a low shot to the far post and it's 1-0 for the Impact.

With barely enough time to settle down and establish a pace, at the 5th minute, Brockie ties the game with a strong precise shot in the box, amidst diving Impact defenders who seemed helpless on the play. At the 21st minute, Brockie was clutch again when his cross was intercepted by Steven Caldwell with a header: Troy Perkins was helpless on that play again.

Continuing to push while taking advantage of a disorganized Impact, Toronto found a goal scorer in Darren O'Dea. The left-back/central defender ran into the box , dribbles a couple of defenders and fires a powerful shot in the bottom right corner.

3-1 at the half as the #IMFC twitter-sphere is frustrated, angry and confused

Hassoun Camara, 2013 Amway Canadian Championship Hero, scores to cut Toronto's lead by 1 goal. The defender/midfielder gets the ball at his feet after fighting for it when it was crossed in. He quickly reacts and takes a quick shot with his left that beats Bendik.

Our players know that anything can happen in a game and that isn’t over until the last whistle. We are happy to leave Toronto with a point.-Mauro Biello

Only a few minutes later, Felipe finds some of his 2012 vision and plays ,from the left side ,a gorgeous ball inside the box. Who else than Marco Di Vaio to make the call as he runs across the box and redirects the ball from inside the 10-yard box. With that goal, the Montreal Impact tie the game for good and Marco Di Vaio leads the MLS scoring race with 11 goals.

Lessons from the game:

  • The Montreal Impact might have a problem at central defense But
    • Needs to get tighter defensively as a group and not just the back four.
    • Bernier needs help to either focus on being more offensive or more a of relay man but not both and expect him to defend as much
  • Toronto FC is getting better
    • Hate Them, Love Them, the soccer produced by Toronto FC has improved and so did its warrior spirit

The good news is that the intensity of the game has also brought more intensity to the actual rivalry. Even without Marco Schallibaum shouting at the referees and Ryan Nelsen, Toronto FC frustrating the Montreal Impact in the first half is something Les Bleus will not forget. On the other hand, not getting all 3 points is frustrating for the Reds as they are still seeking their first win at BMO field this season.

Between accusations of diving (most of them true to be honest) and the desperation of winning at all cost, the Montreal-Toronto might transcend the realm of the NHL and the CFL and make its way to MLS in a more aggressive setting.