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Nick De Santis working on bringing reinforcements : Midfield Solution

The current slump is no coincidence when you look at the experienced squad build by Nick de Santis whether it was with Jesse Marsch or Marco Schallibaum. But with an aging squad will need help as the transfer market is open and very active.

Marco Schallibaum has solutions internally but needs help from the outside
Marco Schallibaum has solutions internally but needs help from the outside

When Nick de Santis says that he is looking at bringing one or two players, it usually means that talks are underway to sign players sooner than later. There were no rumors that came out, yet, but looking at the Montreal Impact's current situation, moves are more likely to happen than not.

Very candid and up front, De Santis did no shy way to point a finger at the club's defensive woes. The blame was also distributed to all 11 players on the pitch, not just the back four.

Admitting that he is being contacted by agents lately, Nick De Santis finds himself in a cross-road on what type of player Marco Schallibaum needs now and what does the club need for the next years.

Midfield Solution(s) : Offensive Star, Defensive Sentinel, Both?

Patrice Bernier is playing the role of both offensive platform and defensive pillar, right in front of Alessandro Nesta and Matteo Ferrari. But he needs help and that will have to come under the form of a new player or two that can do the job. With Felipe Martins having a very difficult sophomore year in MLS, an offensive solution is needed as teams have figured out to dry out a lot of solutions to get the ball to Marco Di Vaio

Open to sign a player over a few years, this is when the Designated Player solution can come into play. I do not want to sound repetitive but DP basically translates into paying a lot of money to a player while circumventing the salary cap.

It's not a guarantee of quality and performance but Nick de Santis is a perfect 100% when it comes to signing DP players (Marco Di Vaio) and getting value for those that are not (Ferrari, Bernier for e.g.) .

The midfield signing will most probably be over the long-term and not just a quick fix. Midseason acquisitions are not always perfect in any league but Montreal needs to adjust. Marco Schallibaum needs more options at his disposal.

Is a midfield creative offensive solution is needed? Yes but the Montreal Impact will probably focus more to get a defender for the near future and will adjust from there.