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MLS Insider Episode 4 -- Joey Saputo " Force Of Will'' By the Barnicle Brothers

Like previously promoted and teased, episode 4 of MLS Insider features Montreal Impact president Joey Saputo. The title describes very well what you will see to be a very insightful piece on the passionate business-savvy fan and supporter of the beautiful game.

Getting the Montreal Impact to join the MLS was not as easy as it seems. Joey Saputo talks to MLS Insider and shares his thoughts and aspirations on wanting a Major League Soccer club. His love of the game started in the 80's with the Montreal Manic playing in the NASL.

The feature also talks about how Stade Saputo symbolizes the success of professional soccer in Montreal, at its highest level.

Staying true to his word at the beginning of the season, the owner re-iterates the need to make the playoffs. He actually emphasizes on the club wanting and needing to win the championship and not just make the playoffs. In the winning tradition that this city has known, that mentality is driving the president and the club.

I hate losing more than I like winning -- Joey Saputo

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