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Montreal Impact file official complaint with Police after Twitter Threats towards Davy Arnaud

As per the Montreal Impact website, an official complaint was made to Montreal police last week as per twitter threats made towards captain Davy Arnaud.

Tom Szczerbowski

Davy Arnaud's return to action was not the best for the Impact captain as the Montreal Impact lost a 4-3 thriller to the Colorado Rapids. Unfortunately, a fan did not react well at all after the loss. The tweets can be read below.

This unfortunate incident is unacceptable in any realm and nothing changes whether it's after a hockey game or a soccer game. Whether it's a professional game or an amateur pick-up game, threats (on twitter or elsewhere) are unacceptable.

@Sbarbosa17 did apologize later that day after realizing the extent of his tweet to Davy Arnaud. But the Impact and Major League Soccer are still pursuing legal actions in order to ensure the safety of its players, staff and coaches.

The Montreal Impact Press Release

The Montreal Impact and Major League Soccer announced on Wednesday that an official complaint was made to Montreal police last week, following profanity-laden threats made towards one of the first team's players on social media. The Service à la communauté Région Sud, du Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has opened an investigation and the individual in question will be interviewed by police.

The Impact is taking this incident very seriously and will not accept threats of any kind made by individuals in regards to its players, coaches or administrative staff, in order to ensure their safety.