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No Additional Disciplinary Action for Alessandro Nesta's Red Card: Same for Marco Schallibaum

Alessandro Nesta and Marco Schallibaum's red card are still effective but no additional suspension outside the automatic from getting a red card. Both player and coach will miss the Montreal Impact bout against the Columbus Crew, at Columbus.

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Alessandro Nesta was having a good game against Sporting Kansas City taking on a strong attacking force. In control but under pressure, the Montreal defense was handling the situation very well, as expected from a veteran defensive squad.

Noted throughout the game was the chirping and animosity building up between Claudio Bieler and Alessandro Nesta. The culmination was a head butt from Nesta on Bieler after the Italian defender tackles the ball away from the Argentinean striker. Nesta's reaction did not go unnoticed and was ejected from the game with a straight red card. Looking back the play, you can clearly see Bieler stomp on Nesta's hand which explains his reaction but does not excuse it.

The MLS disciplinary committee did not suspend neither Alessandro Nesta nor Marco Schallibaum (who was ejected from the game at half-time) for extra games. Both will miss the game against the Columbus Crew on June 15th but will be available for the home game against the Houston Dynamo.

In other news, no news on whether Claudio Bieler will get any form of suspension or fine for stomping on Nesta's hand.