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Yossi Benayoun confirms recent MLS interest : Would the Montreal Impact be interested?

Yossi Benayoun's contract is expiring this summer with Chelsea. Just recently, the offensive midfielder has publicly expressed his interest to come to North America


Yossi Benayoun is looking for a new home across the pond. With a career plagued with injuries either with Chelsea or Arsenal, the offensive midfielder will be a free agent coin July 1st.

At the moment I'm in talks with several European teams. I'm checking my options but, to tell you the truth, America is one of my favourite options. I'm trying to do everything I can to come to America and play in the MLS, and hopefully it works out in the next few weeks.

-Source: Sky Sports.

MLS Interest back in the Autumn of 2012

Benayoun's MLS recent interest is not that recent as the Israeli-International contacted a few MLS clubs in 2012. Different representatives were mandated to find a MLS club interested in the services of Benayoun. Three clubs actively listened and among them

-- The Seattle Sounders were one of the first clubs that were contacted and were notified of the player's interest for the Pacific North-West club.

-- The LA Galaxy were also contacted by Yossi Benayoun's representatives. As per sources close to the situation , the Californian club had some interest but with its 3 DP situation then, it was too early to have initial talks.

-- A third unnamed club (potentially in the mid-west) sent an initial offer but that was deemed too low to start an discussions.

Forget about getting a bargain

Following up on the third unnamed club, a big deterent for getting Benyaoun would be his salary requirements. His current salary demands would definitely put him as a DP. Back then, we were not talking about Thierry Henry money but it was above 1M$ USD.

The timing of Benayoun's active search for a MLS club was not the best as most clubs were focusing on preparing the playoffs or next year. It would be difficult for a club to commit to a multi-year big contract for 2013 during the autumn months of 2012.

Potential Fit for the Montreal Impact


- Offensive Midfielder with playmaking abilities and versatilie anywhere on the midfield

- European and international experience

- Can fill the gap for the Montreal Impact in the last 30 meters


- Injury Prone

- Expensive salary ( DP money)

If available for the Montreal Impact, would you be interested in having Yossi Benayoun play for the Montreal Impact? Answer the Poll Below.

Comment below to give us your Pros and Cons for the fit or the gap of Benayoun as an Impact and also in MSL