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Juninho Pernambucano on MLS technical level: " It's comparable to Ligue 2 in France "

Juninho Pernambucano shares his thoughts on his career past and future , including his take on Major League Soccer and his team,: the New York Red Bulls.


Juninho speaks to Edward Jay ,of RMC Sports, about his career with Lyon. As he appreciates his MLS experience, the Brazilian midfielder is also thinking about a coaching career in his future.

About Major League Soccer

In the United States, soccer is a bit different. My club's technical quality is not fantastic. I thought that we were stronger. Right now, we are third [in the league]. We need to finish in the top four to make the playoffs. At the organizational level, it's top notch. Physically, it's impressive. Technically, It's comparable to Ligue 2 in France.

About Thierry Henry

He is always the best scorer of the team. He has already scored 5-6 goals this year. He keeps the team's hope alive. The New York Red Bulls were never MLS Champions. With the Australian ,Tim Cahill, he is having a good season. Thierry wants us to go as far as possible. He is the best player.

You can read more of the interview directed by Edward Jay with Juninho by following this link.