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Sporting KC 1 - Montreal Impact 2 : Highlights, Game Stats and Quotes

Marco Schallibaum gets expelled in Kansas City, Alessandro Nesta gets red-carded and the Montreal Impact are becoming the comeback kings of the neighborhood. Game stats, highlights and quotes are right here for your Sporting Kansas City - Montreal Impact post-game.

Collen Warner first MLS goal was the game winner in an eventful 2-1 win over Sporting Kansas City. Another 2013 bench player scored the tying for Montreal as a penalty kick and a red card marred the game with more controversy than expected.

Game Information

MTL - GK-Troy Perkins; D-Hassoun Camara, Matteo Ferrari, Alessandro Nesta, Dennis Iapichino; M- Patrice Bernier, Collen Warner, Sanna Nyassi, Felipe (Jeb Brovsky 77'), Justin Mapp (Andrés Romero 73'); F- Marco Di Vaio (Andrew Wenger 89')

Unused subs: GK-Evan Bush; M-Wandrille Lefèvre, Sinisa Ubiparipovic; F-Blake Smith

KC - GK-Jimmy Nielsen; D-Mechack Jerome, Aurélien Collin, Seth Sinovic (Josh Gardner 85'), Ike Opara; M-Peterson Joseph, Oriol Rosell, Paulo Nagamura (CJ Sapong 77'); F-Claudio Bieler, Kei Kamara, Jacob Peterson (Benny Feilhaber 62')

Unused subs: GK-Eric Kronberg; D-Lawrence Olum, Kevin Ellis; M-Michael Thomas


KC - Bieler (PEN) 45+'
MTL - Nyassi 47'
MTL - Warner 53'

Misconduct Summary:

KC - Jerome 46' -- Yellow Card

KC - Opara 52' -- Yellow Card
MTL - Mapp 69' -- Yellow Card

MTL - Nesta 74' -- Red Card
MTL - Iapichino 90+' -- Yellow Card

Game Stats


Sporting Kansas City Montreal Impact
19 Attempts on Goal 7
6 Shots on Target 2
11 Shots off Target 3
2 Blocked Shots 2
8 Corner Kicks 3
12 Fouls 12
16 Open Play Crosses 5
0 Offsides 6
2 First Yellow Cards 2
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 1
41 Duels Won 43
48% Duels Won % 51%
412 Total Pass 292
78% Passing Accuracy % 65%
57.6% Possession 42.4%

Game Quotes

Montreal Impact assistant coach Mauro Biello

General thoughts on the match...

In different moments we were in control of the game in the first half, so we wanted to continue that as we move into the second half and the players followed through

On the red card...

Obviously emotions run high and I'm sure they got the better of him (Nesta) at that moment and things happen and we have to deal with it. I'm sure we dealt with it in the right way, the ref made his call and he got a red card, and I guess his emotions ran to far

On equalizing early...

I think that gave us even more confidence since we were scored on late in the first half. We were able to generate all that energy and score us a quick goal and I feel like we were able to feed off that energy and continue to play and to believe

On the impact of the veterans on the team...

We have some experienced players in moments like this before and managing these situations is important. That's when you see experience come through. Even a man down, we were able to control the game and stay composed during the difficult moment and I applaud my players for that.

On conceding a penalty...

Obviously you don't want to concede a penalty without being ahead in the half, so you we tried to stay calm. We told the players we were doing well and to go out there and continue to play well. We were able to get the tying goal and then the second came along. We showed a lot of character, it was a difficult week for us with the championship in Vancouver and three games total this week.

Montreal Impact midfielder Collen Warner

On scoring the first goal of his career...

I just tried not to mess it up. It's a chance you don't get often; the ball fell to me like seven yards out so I was happy to finish. I'll take it. A game winner on the road isn't too bad. I was super happy and proud of the team tonight, we did well to fight back and overcome some circumstances, some calls didn't really go in our favor so it was a huge game.

On conceding a penalty...

Everyone's reaction on the field was that it wasn't a penalty. I don't know what it looked like on the television, but yeah to go into the second half at 1-0, there was a little bit of emotion in the locker room when we came out and I think everyone saw that.

On defeating Sporting Kansas City after losing to them earlier this season...

We want to win every game and they are our rival and one of our toughest competitors.

On the team's mood tonight...

The team has been in a good mood, and there is a lot of good emotion coming off Wednesday and that gave us the confidence to come in and do well tonight.

On winning the Canadian Cup and defeating Sporting in the same week...

It's amazing. A lot of guys are going on three games this week and some of the older guys as well which is great, so it is a huge performance from a lot of the guys.

Montreal Impact midfielder Sanna Nyassi

On his goal...

I think it was a team goal, we had a free kick and did it according to the game plan. I stayed at the top of the box for the rebound.

On the grit the team has shown this week...

We are professionals, we have a way of dealing with tired legs, we have a deep squad and players that can step in when needed. Before the PK, we were in control of the game. We dominated every area on the field, we took a peek at the goal towards the end of the first half, but we didn't back down and came back strong in the second half. We scored two goals and continued to stay strong defensively throughout the entire 90 minutes.

On moving into first place in the Eastern Conference...

It's awesome. it's a spot every group and every team is aspiring to be at, so it's great.

Sporting Kansas City Manager Peter Vermes

General thoughts on the match...

We're missing guys for the rebounds that pop out. You can't fan or whiff on a ball inside the box, when it's played in there. And then a player gets an easy chance like that, you work too hard over the course of the game to give up to easy chances like we did. And we did. They capitalized on them and at the end, we just couldn't find a way to stick the second one in to tie it at least. It would have been nice if we would have got one a little bit early to put the pressure on them, but it is what it is.

On the tempers of the opposition at Sporting Park recently...

My temper wasn't hot at all. It's interesting how two games in a row now that (the opposition) get red carded here at our place for what? I have no idea. It's just interesting to me. I'm very fine. We weren't involved in anything. Like I said, it has nothing to do with us, so we're fine.

Sporting Kansas City defender Aurelien Collin

On the cause of the loss...

It's maturity and experience and they are very important in the first five minutes and the last five minutes. We were not focused enough. We gave two goals away, honestly, we should have won 3-0 today because the two goals were a present for them. It was a disappointment. Mistakes can happen to anybody, but we just have to make sure the same mistakes don't happen the next game.

On the mentality going into the second half...

They had one chance on us before the half when it hit the post. But after, they were not dangerous and we were not dangerous either and we had another opportunity to score before the halftime and that would have given us a lot of power heading into the half. We needed to be more physical and more focused, because the first half we were a little sloppy. The goal should have given us the power in the second half and it didn't and I'm very upset about it.

On his feelings after the match...

I think it was six shots for them an 18 or 19 for us. We have to work on being more experienced. There was a chance in front of us, we almost didn't give anything away and they were trying to get in our heads. They were more experienced than us tonight and that's just what I have to say.

Sporting Kansas City midfielder Paulo Nagamura

On the loss...

You always expect a good effort from Montreal and in the end we are just disappointed to not get three points.

On Sporting Park not appearing to be as big of an advantage...

To be honest, we haven't been playing our best and we didn't today. We had a lead in the first half, but lost it in the first five minutes in the second half and it cost us the game. Once you are behind in the game, it becomes difficult especially against a team like Montreal who I think is a very good team. Credit to them, they came here and got a good result.

On not scoring while being a man up...

It's hard when they are sitting back and just defending with ten men. It was tough to break them down with eleven at the end. Give credit to them, they got away with the result.

On the start of the second half...

We start with a foul on the end line and they got a goal off that and right after that it was an unfortunate bounce when Joseph tried to clear. He miss-stepped and the ball dropped right in front of their guy. We fell asleep for five minutes and that cost us the game. We'll learn from that.

On what to blame the loss on as a team...

We don't expect to play very well every game and we know that. When we have those tough games, the mentality has to be there, the attitude has to be there. And today for five minutes we were missing that attitude, that mentality, and that cost us the game. That needs to change. We have to be concentrated and fully locked in if you want to get the result at home or away.

Sporting Kansas City goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen

General thoughts on the match...

It feels very bad right now. Gigantic disappointment. We gave 100 percent but we didn't do it as a team in the first half. Coming out 1-0 at halftime, it should have given us the advantage, but it didn't. We came out, and in those five to seven minutes, they scored two goals and from there we were chasing and chasing, and we just weren't good enough. This is not a good home record right now and it's very, very, very disappointing. It's got to change. We have to change our mentality and how we approach these games at home. We went down 2-1 and we went after them. We should have went after them from the first second of the game. They had a tough game Wednesday night and we didn't take advantage of that. Huge disappointment, it's not good enough.

On who is to blame for the two goals...

It's us as a team. You can't call out one guy or two guys. It's us as a team. We have to step up as a team because today we worked extremely hard in the first half, but we didn't do it as a team.

On giving away the first half momentum so quickly in the second half...

We were not awake. We were not ready for them coming out at that moment. It's a gigantic disappointment and it's not good enough. We need to change this year. Right now.

On how to improve...

We are probably going to have a long chat about this here. We've got to change. Everyone has to change the mentality, individually. What can we bring to the group? What can I bring to the group, what can Collin bring to the group and on and on. I can handle losing if we are getting outplayed and they are playing a good game, but we can't lose like this. This is not good enough.

On if he is happy about the international break...

No I'm not. We can't enjoy this time off now. It's a situation where you want a quick game again. I want a game tomorrow.