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MLS Transfer Window Coming Up Fast: Are the Montreal Impact Sellers , Buyers or Both On July 9th

The Montreal Impact has decisions to make as the July 9th MLS international transfer window is coming up. Is the Impact buying, selling or stalling?


The Montreal Impact started the 2013 season pre-season with a rested squad and a core of players that played together. Starting the 2013 season with 2012 mid-season signings Marco Di Vaio and Alessandro Nesta partly explains the successful start of the season. Some key experienced new signings in 2013 contributed to this success including Andrea Pisanu, Andres Romero and of course Marco Schallibaum. The Swiss head coach has brought a new mentality to the club while enjoying the chemistry within the core group of players from 2012.

A few weeks away from the official opening from the international transfer window, the Montreal Impact do not necessarily need a big time signing. But with a strong record of 8-3-2, the club might see fit to sign a core player without worrying of breaking up a strong chemistry. Recurring injuries for some and sub-par performances for others might trigger a big signing while taking advantage of a winning momentum. There isn't a better time to insert new players while soaking up the shiny warm sun of victory.

Having shown the guts to sign Marco Di Vaio as the club's Designated Player, Montreal could definitely go for another big signing if the opportunity rises. Money is not an issue but the business saavy Joey Saputo will not splurge just to splurge.

Not usually taking the route of MLS trades, the Impact have shown to get great value when they do, when you think of the Donovan Ricketts - Troy Perkins trade last season. Already maxed out on international spots, signing an international player might seem tricky but trade baits are available. That includes Sanna Nyassi, Collen Warner and Calum Mallace. Not that the first two have not been good soldiers for the club, you must give something to get something. Whereas for Mallace, the young player has not played a lot but still has some value as young defensive midfielder with underrated passing skills and good vision.

On the other hand, the Impact is light on efficient depth players and trading away assets is a risk. Actually, the club might need more experienced players but that don't fit the classic experienced but older soldier. I definitely do not believe the Impact can keep up the pace of staying on top of the Eastern Conference with this current squad. Not for a lack talent but the grueling MLS summer months are key and other ''losing'' clubs are getting back to winning, including the Columbus Crew and the Chicago Fire.

Do you think the Montreal Impact need to make a move during the international transfer window? Where does the club need more help? Is Andrea Pirlo your only hope at this point ?

Tell me your thoughts on what might happen during the upcoming weeks for the Montreal Impact, as per the transfer market.