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Mount Royal Soccer and CJAD800 AM: #TurbanGate Edition

Go to the CJAD Sports Blog to read Sofiane's and Giovanni's latest pieces for CJAD 800 AM. This time, the colorful analysts take on the #TurbanGate Debate that has shaken the province of Quebec

John Moore

The Montreal Impact are back in MLS action this weekened against the Columbus Crew in Ohio. After a 2-week break, Les Bleus de Montreal will try to continue its winning momentum. But it was not a quiet 2-week period in the soccer realm of Quebec. #TurbanGate has taken over the media's attention for the wrong reasons.

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Giovanni Sardo writes:

The turban ban that they have put in place is sending the wrong message to our kids and to our society.

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Sofiane Benzaza writes:

After time to think it over calmly, the QSF stood its ground, proving to be neutral and not influenced by any political agenda. I am adding the #sarcasm just in case it gets lost in translation

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Don't forget to tune in to CJAD 800AM during half-time as Sofiane, Giovanni, Rick and Grant join forces as the#SoccerGangOf4 , during home games at Stade Saputo.