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Is it time to extend Marco Di Vaio's Contract: Extension or Retirement for the Italian Goal Scorer

Establishing himself as one of the best strikers in Major League Soccer in 2013, Marco Di Vaio's contract expires at the end of the year. Will this be his last professional soccer contract? Or will he sign an extension with the Montreal Impact?

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press

Marco Di Vaio is in shape, he is scoring and he is happy. The Montreal Impact is also happy with a combination of wins and good quality soccer, led by a few veterans on the pitch. One of them is Marco Di Vaio who is among a few core players that are playing their last year of their MLS contracts.

When Marco Di Vaio was officially signed by the Montreal Impact, his agent (Federico Pastorello) confirmed to Mount Royal Soccer that the Italian striker had offers from several clubs.

Offers were on the table for the veteran Serie A striker but he still selected the Montreal Impact and both parties are enjoying this fruitful relationship. Continuing his soccer career ,elsewhere in 2014 or beyond , does not make sense for Di Vaio the Family Man.

He will definitely get a boat load of money but it does not concord with his ambitions and how we wants to finish his career. Major League Soccer is not Serie A but it's not as indifferent to the soccer/football fan as are the rich middle-eastern leagues of the UAE , Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

He [Di Vaio] renounced to many offers I had for him in Italy and also in Dubai - Federico Pastorello, Agent

The family values and the project sold by Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis was what brought Di Vaio to Montreal from Bologna FC.

Talking of Bologna FC, the traditions in many professional team sports is to see the old-guard , the legends of the club come back to the home in a front office position.

The Montreal Impact is not an exception to the rule with Nick De Santis , Mauro Biello and Matt Jordan still active with key positions at the club. The same logic can apply to Marco Di Vaio and the club of his heart, the club that has rejuvenated his career: Bologna FC.

His emotional departure from Bologna is a clear indication that the ties between the player, the club and the fans are strong. Will these ties be too strong to give the Impact a running chance to re-sign the MLS Goleador?

Neither Di Vaio nor Bologna FC's president, Albano Guaraldi, have hidden the possibility of seeing the Impact striker come back home at the end of the 2013 season.

The question remains: Can the Montreal Impact influence the striker to extend him now before it's too late?

Unless it is already too late, it would not be surprising to hear that an extension is in the works between Di Vaio and Montreal. But on the other hand, going back to Italy and a front office role might lure the stoic striker away from MLS.

Thank you to @vad_87 for pointing out that the club confirmed less than 2 months ago that Di Vaio's contract has an option for a 1-year extension