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Gio’s Random Thoughts: I’m sorry Justin, Brovsky the linebacker, Camara’s forehead and more...

Gio’s Random Thoughts : I’m sorry Justin, Brovsky the linebacker, Camara’s forehead and more...


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Impact fans and haters! Welcome to another awesome edition of Gio's Random Thoughts. Every week, I give you a behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of my brain and deliver some facts, some laughs and some stupidity on your Montreal Impact and the rest of the MLS.

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* Is the Justin Mapp of the last two games the REAL Justin Mapp? I really hope so!

* Just finished ordering an ‘I'm sorry for every bad thing I've ever said about you' fruit basket for Justin Mapp. Hope he doesn't just toss it in the trash.

* WHAT A FIRST GOAL BY MAPP!! Anyone see the SJ's GK's face after that shot? He had a ‘What the hell was that?' look...

* Both of San Jose's goals are linked directly to Iapichino blunders. He cost the Impact 2 points.

* Dennis Iapichino needs a Justin Mapp-like resurgence and quick or the only field time he should get is with the reserve squad. He is on the roster and we need him. Maybe more minutes is what he needs to build his confidence. Whatever it is, he needs to improve and quick!

* Troy Perkins... in the words of my 4 year old son Antonio... OH MY GOOOOOOODNESS!!!!!!!!

* I need a statistician... I believe Hassoun Camara plays the ball more with his forehead than his feet.

* Someone remind Jeb Brovsky that this is Soccer and not two hand touch Football. His yellow was avoidable but he plays with so much intensity. If he gets a rest in the next game or two, his absence will be badly missed!

* The defensive line needs more stability. Constant changes are killing the communication. Troy Perkins can't play superhero all the time.

* Another reason why the defensive line struggled: the absence of Davy Arnaud and Patrice Bernier in central midfield. It creates simply too much of a void. The team can overcome the absence of one of them but when they are both out of the lineup... OUCH!

* Does Buckshaw Stadium remind anyone else of Centre Claude Robillard stadium but with more seats?

* I think Collen Warner's yellow card was more for something he said to the ref rather than the foul.

* Felipe still hasn't found his game. He looked confused in the 4-1-4-1, he still looks confused in the 4-4-2. Perhaps this would be a good time to bench him for a game or two in favor of Warner?

* Andrew Wenger played very well for his first MLS start of the season. This 2 forward system has the potential to be a lot more dangerous.

* Marco Di Vaio had a quiet game. His success so far this season has been linked directly to the play of Bernier and Arnaud. Without the two in the lineup and the implementation of a new formation, it is only normal that his play suffer a bit.

* Di Vaio was subbed off at the 65th minute. The team needed him for 90. During the TFC game, he should have been subbed off 20 minutes after being subbed in. He wasted too much energy in that game.

* When you remove both of your forwards and leave the inconsistent Sanna Nyassi alone up front, you are simply asking for trouble.

* No real forwards on the field means that you can't complete plays or create true offensive chances. By killing that aspect of your game, you are putting too much pressure on your defense. The draw was predictable as soon as Wenger came off the field.

* TFC lost again. They are near the bottom of the Eastern conference. All is right in the Soccer world.

* I think the Chivas players got their schedules wrong. I think they celebrated Cinco De Mayo BEFORE their game against SKC. SKC won 4-0 and now Chivas must do without GK Kennedy for at least 1 week following his red card.

* Kudos to the Red Bulls' GK Robles for a wonderful penalty save against Columbus' Higuain.

That's it for me this time. Be on the lookout for another edition of GRT following Wednesday night's game against the New Jersey Metro... I mean the New York Red Bulls!

Until then, FORZA IMPACT!

Gio Sardo

Twitter: @GioSardo & @LeFootyWeekly