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About that Final: Montreal Impact face the Vancouver Whitecaps for the 2013 Voyageurs Cup

The Montreal Impact get ready to face the Vancouver Whitecaps as both Canadian clubs will stake their claim to the 2013 Amway Canadian Championship and its trophy: The Voyageurs Cup.

Jeff Vinnick

A final within a final is what the second leg of the Amway Canadian Championship represents.

After a stalemate at Stade Saputo, both teams parted ways with the definitive feeling that the Cup is at their grasps.

The Martin Rennie "smoke and mirrors" tactic is only an after thought. At BC place, the Whitecaps will have the advantage of being at home, hopefully in front of a sell-out crowd. With the final played at BC place, the weather will not be a factor, setting the table for neutral weather conditions.

Everything else around and about the game has no connotation of neutrality. We might even expect a boxing match that will culminate into street fight in which winner takes all.

It's a trap!! : the physicality of Vancouver

The trap set by the Whitecaps , at Stade Saputo, almost worked as the visitors from BC did not score an away goal. But the team hailing from BC was able to stiffle the Impact's offense , at least create a bottle neck between Patrice Bernier and the strikers. Vancouver also kept in check Justin Mapp and Andres Romero with a defensive style that was able to

The Montreal Impact's strength does not include imprecise long balls up front for Marco Di Vaio and Andrew Wenger. More of an "option play", playing on the ground with quick passing and movement around the ball has given success to the club.

It's important not to fall into the Vancouver trap of a physical game even if the host team will look at imposing their style and play a more offensive style of soccer.

Matchups and some Game Notes

- Patrice Bernier vs Nigel Reo-Cooker: The matchup ,that was missing from the first leg, will be alive and well.

- Felipe Martins could yet again become invisible but his game has gotten better. His input in the game cannot be understated unless he decides to do so himself.

- Do we fear the artificial turf with Alessandro Nesta's knees and groin? He might be more prone than any of the potential starters to get injured on turf. Though his presence might be skipped if Hassoun Camara is deemed fit enough to play and see a dyuo with Matteo Ferrari. All three could easily be back together alongside Jeb Brovsky, something that has not happened since March.

- Dennis Iapichino and Jeb Brovsky will see and feel more pressure from the outside backs of the Whitecaps. Those backs will give support to the speedy "provocateurs" of the Whitecaps, including young Canadian Russell Teibert