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Montreal Impact vs Real Salt Lake : Impact Grades

It's the post-game grades for the Montreal Impact. Les Bleus de Montreal beat a very strong Real Salt Lake team 3-2 after being led for 90 minutes.


Never having taken the lead for the first 90 minutes, the Montreal Impact scores late to take the it in injury time via Matteo Ferrari. Real Salt Lake gave a lot of trouble to Impact's defense and kept Troy Perkins quite busy. Let's go through the Impact players that played with a mix of good, bad and some ugly.

Troy Perkins (10):

Oh yes, I went there again and you can sue me for that. Giving a 10 is already a big no-no especially when 2 goals were scored on Super Troy. The save on Joao Plata to keep the game tied was , yet again, the biggest save of the year for Perkins.

Sue me...

Jeb Brovsky (6):

He blocks shot, started a playoff beard and had the breakthrough pass for the Montreal Impact's first goal. He suffered as did the whole defense notably in the first half but he

Matteo Ferrari (5):

The own goal is an own goal. Deflections happen and that one was a odd one. The Italian suffered during the first half against Sandoval and Garcia but he was only playing his second game since recovering from his calf injury.

The game winning goal was huge for the veteran defender who was looking for redemption since getting scored by Thierry Henry and the own goal at Stade Saputo.

Hassoun Camara (5.5):

He responded to the physical forwards of Salt Lake but still suffered as did all his defensive teammates. He was very present on set-pieces with a few dangerous chances.

Maxim Tissot (5):

Decent performance by the young left back. He did not fall like he did against Toronto FC and seemed more confortable on the pitch. Taking many risks to go up front, he was not helped by Andres Romero who ignored his runs. He made a smart pass on the second tying goal and showed promise playing with Blake Smith later in the second half.

Patrice Bernier (7):

When the club had possession, Bernier thrived with excellent ball distribution and making the difference against a dense and talented RSL midfield. Man-marking Morales throughout the game, it was not easy for him or any other midfielder when Real Salt Lake executed quick transitions as it went very fast.

Felipe (5):

A much better game for Felipe as every game played ends up being his best game of the season relatively speaking. He does not have the same impact as in 2012 (broken record) but scoring a goal will boost his confidence. He has been playing better but still average but time will make it right,

Collen Warner (N/A):

Not enough playing time

Andrés Romero (4):

He is able to take on his opposite fullback to try and make a difference but seems more confortable higher on the pitch. Needing to combine more with his fullback, Romero is also suffering for playing so many games and the physical effort

Blake Smith (6):

The rookie has probably played his most significant minutes of his career up until now. Showing speed and defensive responsiblities, he delivered excellent corner kicks including the last of the game that gave the winning goal for the Montreal Impact.

The future is bright for this young man with MLS speed and excellent crossing.

Justin Mapp (6.6):

He will impress you, he will frustrate but that is Justin Mapp in a nutshell. Becoming a must have in the Impact's starting XI, the left-footed midfielder is more present physically in the midfield and very much owning the right side and making Chris Wingert's life difficult.

Sanna Nyassi (N/A):

Not enough playing time

Andrew Wenger (7):

This game is a reference game for Andrew Wenger taking advantage of Daniele Paponi's injury and the 2-forward formation selected by the coaching staff. He sacrified his body against both RSL central defenders. The cheeky flick to Di Vaio on the Impact's second goal was a beauty.

Marco Di Vaio (7.5):

Marco Di Vaio is here to stay and showed yet again his finishing class on the Montreal Impact's second game tying goal. Among the MLS goal leaders, playing alongside a second forward has definitively helped the older but efficient goleador.