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Montreal Canadiens loss is the Montreal Impact's Gain : Soccer Spring

As the Montreal Canadiens bow their heads to the Ottawa Senators and exit the NHL playoffs, it is a perfect time for the Montreal Impact to enter the hearts of those orphan fans looking to cheer for a Montreal team.

Come on over and join the fun
Come on over and join the fun
Francois Laplante

Montreal is hockey, Montreal is a Canadiens town, Montreal is a #Habs town. There is no statement that could be truer and more representative of the professional sports culture. You would almost forget that the Montreal Alouettes has been a CFL dynasty in the 2000's as the organization and continues to thrive.

The post-mortem press conferences, radio and TV shows debates and excellent content of our friends at HEOTP will never stop. As a warm spring weather wraps itself around the city, hockey could still be relevant in the month of July in a town that never gets enough of its #Habs.

Like a warning sign, the warm weather closes the door of the hockey rink to open up the gates of the soccer arena. But there is hope for the Habs fans that have now become orphans looking for a team to cheer for. Stade Saputo has proven itself to be a haven for the soccer crazed fan looking for a beautiful experience in a beautiful stadium. But there is a place for you.

But you know what? There is a bigger intersection of Montreal Canadiens fans and Montreal Impact fans than we think. The soccer culture is strong enough in Montreal to sustain the love for both teams and even all three when you add the Montreal Alouettes in the mix.

With big names like Alessandro Nesta and Marco Di Vaio, it could not get better to look at aging stars and enjoying the beautiful game. But do no forget, the Montrealer wants a winner, respects hard work and enjoys a good show.

What are you waiting for?!! Stade Saputo is waiting for you



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