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Montreal Impact Beat The New York Red Bulls For Fourth MLS Win In a Row

4-0-0 is the Montreal Impact's record as Les Bleus take the Red Bulls by the horns (pun intended) and win on a score of 1-0 in front of 26,259 fans at Olympic Stadium.


Without really dominating like a Sporting Kansas City would, the Montreal Impact is still finding ways to win with full merit on all aspects of its game. Between Karl W. Ouimette surprise but not shocking start at the back and Marco Di Vaio scoring yet another goal, Marco Schällibaum's touch is definitely imprinted on the club in many aspects.

Karl W. Ouimette: A Young Private Among Generals

I was nervous… really nervous.I got goose bumps all over -Karl W. Ouimette

Private Ouimette did not seem that nervous on the pitch but he might have masked it with simple plays and smart runs to cover the Red Bulls forwards. The Impact's first Academy player to sign a pro-contract with the MLS was surrounded by veteran players with experience.

Ouimette was definitely surrounded by Generals with Troy Perkins and Matteo Ferrari , neither holding back on instructions and compliments. It is much easier to pass the ball back to one of the best MLS goalkeepers in Perkins and to a Serie A-Champions League veteran in Ferrari.

You can add another general as an ally in Patrice Bernier. What better player to pass the ball, one that has a good vision and a keen ability to find quiet zones from which to receive passes. It cannot be overstated enough that the first pass from the back to the midfield is the most important one. In this game, Bernier was as available to Karl W. Ouimette than he was to Alessandro Nesta.

With 25 successful passes, 4 interceptions and 8 clearance, It was a honest day's work for Ouimette.

The Midfield: The Complete Game Is Getting There

A good mix of attacking, through the midfield and the wings, is more apparent in the Impact's. Though most of the goals scored are coming from the middle, the chances are also coming from the sides, especially with Andres Romero. The Argentinean style of play seems more suited for a counter-attacking style which is a tactic that the team has embraced.

Even at home, counter attacking has been key in winning games but you can still feel intentions to build up the play against organised teams that will defend tightly away. Give it time and the team will mature as a whole and ball possession will go its way in an effective way.

Marco Di Vaio: Not Always Born Offside

The Montreal Impact lead the league in offsides with 20 including 6 from Marco Di Vaio against the New York Red Bulls. The offside for a striker like Di Vaio will always take you back to the age-old question:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This endless debate can only have a definitive answer when a striker scores on all possible chances without being called offside. Until then, it all comes up to both the passer and the runner to synchronize better. Patrice Bernier, Andrea Pisanu and Andres Romero have found Marco Di Vaio more often than not with good timing.

Does this mean ``North-American`` players and younger players cannot find him? Not necessarily and do expect the head coach to work on the chemistry and passing intentions of the team as a whole. Obviously players like Mapp and Felipe tend to hog the ball more than average.

Unexpected in pre-season, the Impacts winning strike is no miracle but we might look back at the month of March as the month that made the Impact's season.

Four Games, Four Wins In A Row, 12 points