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Henry out with MCL Sprain, Cahill on International Duty, Juninho Almost Confirmed

Between Nesta and Henry injured, Cahill away with the Socceroos, the Montreal Impact game against the New York Red Bulls lost a lot of DP appeal.

Neither Nesta Nor Henry will play the Big-O this season....unless.....playoffs?
Neither Nesta Nor Henry will play the Big-O this season....unless.....playoffs?
Richard Wolowicz

For the second consecutive year, Thierry Henry will miss a game against the Montreal Impact at the Olympic Stadium. An MCL Sprain was found on Monday by the Red Bulls but the NYRB head coach, Mike Petke, admitted that he was considering not bringing Henry to Montreal.

I was very seriously leaning towards not even bringing him to Montreal- Mike Petke Red Bulls Head Coach

Well at least Mike Petke is honest about it and the game plan for Marco Schällibaum will not include ''TiTi'' . Though the New York Red Bulls still have options with Fabian Espindola up front who can potentially paired with Amando Moreno, Josue Martinez and ex-Ligue 1 striker Peguy Luyindula. Luyindula is still waiting for his visa but has officially signed with the Red Bulls.

The Red Bulls midfield will have less intensity with the absence of Tim Cahill who is on international duty with the Socceroos. But Juninho Pernambucano should be fit for the game at Olympic Stadium as confirmed by Petke. The Brazilian midfielder was recovering from a calf strain suffered during the 3-3 draw against the Portland Timbers, at Jen-Weld Field.

The Red Bulls head coach has stated a reluctance to play Juninho on artificial turf as not to see his play maker suffer another injury on turf as he did in Portland. It's a possiblity that Juninho will not play a full game or start this Saturday.

Mike Petke

It's always a concern to figure out what's best for the player, what's best for the team. He feels good, he wants to play, I project him playing. I haven't made a decision on when exactly that's going to be, whether it's going to be a full game, to start the game, to come off the bench.