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Gio’s Random Thoughts: Is Pisanu the new Mapp?

Welcome to another edition of Gio’s Random Thoughts. Every week, I fire off thoughts, opinions and key points from my brain to your computer screen about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about your Montreal Impact and the MLS in general. It’s a mix of stuff you need to know to my poor attempts of comedy. Enjoy!


Three games, 3 wins 9 points. We can get used to life on top of the standings, right? Gotta be careful. No planning the parade just yet. The Impact have A LOT of work to do if they plan on staying on top.

* The Impact survived late attacks from all three of their opponents to secure max points. They are playing with fire way. Need to find a better way to close out games.

* Is Andrea Pisanu the new Justin Mapp? 3 games, 3 times he's been subbed off around the 65th minute. I don't like this.

* It took us all this time to find a solution to the left side of the midfield and now the right midfield (Pisanu) can't last an entire game. Frustrating.

* Romero is impressive. In my opinion, he is the new starting left midfielder. He's all over the field. He's aggressive; he takes on other players one on one. He plays without fear and even earned a PK. If he keeps this up, he will be a fan favorite in no time.

* The TFC fans had a sign in FRENCH! ‘Notre passion, votre défaite' (Our passion, your loss). I wonder if the OQLF had anything to do with this. Would be the only good thing they've done lately (That's my limit for political talk on GRT)

* The Impact need to hold a video session. They need to show one video on replay. Arnaud's feed to Di Vaio for his goal was PERFECT! This is what he needs every single game. Di Vaio will work hard but he needs that service.

* To the Di Vaio doubters: If you get a chance, watch the games a second time. Watch the runs that Marco makes every single game. Launch him with decent timing and he will go get the ball. His success his based on the service he receives.
Better passes = more lethal Marco = GGGGOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!
Get it? Got it? Good.

* Patrice Bernier is just impressive at feeding the ball deep. I think having him play further back this season can only help Di Vaio as he can try to connect with a touchdown pass as often as possible.

* How good has Davy Arnaud been this season? What a difference when he isn't playing 5 positions per game. I've been an Arnaud defender since last year. The guy is a warrior.

* What a poor decision by the referee to give TFC that PK. Dunfield went flying with barely any contact. MLS need to get this simulation crap under control.

* Is our defense way too Nesta dependant? That back line fought hard but was shaky as soon as he was subbed off.

* The game against TFC was a tale of two halves. Dominant first half, struggled to survive in the second half.

* The offense in the second half was about as aggressive as bunch of new born kittens.

* Zarek Valentin... where are you?

* Lots of Eastern conference rivals dropped some major points this weekend (Red Bulls-DCU draw; SKC-Chicago draw; Columbus-SJ draw; Houston loss).

* Who put out the Fire in Chicago? They have ZERO goals after 3 games. (See what I did there? That was a funny. Did you laugh?)

* Can I please know what Chivas is doing in a playoff position? I know it is early but this is not supposed to be reality a
t any point during the season.

* Montreal faces New York this weekend. New York can score but have a horrible defense. A win would be huge as it would put the Impact 10 points ahead of them in the standings!

* Saw the highlights of the Chivas-Galaxy game. Chivas' Velazquez was the victim of one of the harshest red cards I've ever seen. In my opinion, it wasn't even a foul. Velazquez did make some harsh plays leading up to the red but it isn't fair to punish him on a clean play.

* Lots of beautiful goals were scored in the MLS this weekend. A pure joy to kick back and watch all the highlights!

* Obafemi Martins. Seattle's new DP. Remember the name. Trust me.

That's it for me folks... Hope to see you at the Big O in big numbers this Saturday...

Until next time,

Forza Impact!