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Giovanni's Random Thoughts: TFC won?, same old Ricketts, road warriors and more...

Welcome to the latest instalment of “Gio’s Random Thoughts”. Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Some good, some bad, some ugly. Here we go:

* TFC beat SKC. How did that happen? There go my hopes for a winless season by TFC. Thanks for nothing SKC.

* Some things never change. Donovan Ricketts now plays for Portland, still wears goalie kits that make him look like a construction pylon.

* Ricketts continues to boggle the ball way too often. Almost got caught a few times. Thank you Portland and De Santis for that wonderful trade!

* Portland's Johnson tried to earn a penalty with a ridiculous dive in the first half. Russian diving ref gave him a perfect 10. MLS refs need to start showing more cards for simulation.

* Camara scored an amazing bicycle kick goal to put the Impact up 1-0. Impact are spreading the scoring love around.

* Camara continues to make Coach Marco look like a genius by keeping him in the starting XI. Something Marsch should have done more of.

* Sanna Nyassi used his ‘get out of jail free' card in the first half. He shoved the Portland forward in the box. It should have been a penalty. Nyassi should have gotten a yellow. Poor decision by the ref. Portland fans are right to be mad.

* Portland fans must be wondering ‘What if?' What would have been the final score IF had they been awarded that penalty & IF it would have been converted?

* Nyassi played a very solid game. A very good 90 minutes. The question is now his consistency. Can he do it again?

* There is something missing in that Impact midfield. Can't put my finger on it. Ball movement seems too difficult at times through the middle.

* The Timbers Army is impressive. Must be hell to play there. Very loud and very proud.

* Jeb Brovsky is just solid. A rock on this defensive line. He doesn't get mentioned often, he isn't in highlight reels... he just does his job. Thank you Vancouver.

* Di Vaio's offside numbers are not as bad as everyone thought they would be however, he is not yet getting the service he needs to be lethal.

* WELCOME TO MONTREAL ROMERO!!! He made his first touch a productive one setting up Felipe for his first of the season.

* I'd like to see Romero in the starting XI, on the left side instead of Mapp.

* Portland's Valeri is one supremely talented player. The Timbers' success depends heavily on him.

* It took 2 games for the Impact to match their road win total from last season. Something tells me they will be getting a lot more of them. Call it a hunch! They will be great road warriors.

* Montreal goes on the road for the first two games in stadiums where it is known to be extremely hard to come away with points. They got the maximum 6. Dear MLS, it is still early but this Impact team is for real.

* It's early but teams who drop points early in the season may come to regret it later on. Chicago has 0 points in 2 games. The Red Bulls have scored 4 goals in 2 games but have managed only 1 point. Huge points to be dropping.

* Again, it's early but isn't it beautiful seeing the Impact on top in the standings??

* What are you doing on Saturday? If the answer is anything but ‘I'll be at the Olympic Stadium for the Impact home opener', you are wasting the day. Seriously. Buy a ticket. Buy 10. Get that place packed!

* It's your kid's baptism? Have the party at the Big O.

* Getting married? Cancel the hall... have the wedding reception at the Big O.

Enjoy your week Impact fans! Until next time,