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Montreal Impact Premature Pre-Season Depth: Goalkeepers

We start the Premature Pre-Season Depth talk with the goalkeepers, a position in which the club has depth, experience youth and a lot of talent.

Jamie Sabau

Promoted from the Academy to the Pro team, a position he knows well, Youssef Dahha's job will be to prepare all the goalkeepers in training camp ready for the season. With 2 out of 3 position already set, Dahha still needs to keep his goalkeepers ready, sharp mentally and physically.

Young Blood : Brad Stuver or Maxime Crepeau

The NCAA vs Academy debate could not be more embodied by this battle for the 3rd goalkeeper spot with the Montreal Impact; in theory. As per goalkeepers, this would be an exception as the difference between the NCAA and the Academy would not be that big. On the other hand, Maxime Crepeau is accumulating games with the U21 team in the Canadian Soccer League, giving an advantage in the number of games played and level of competition.

Under the watchful eye of Youssef Dahha, both goalkeepers will fight to be the 3rd string goalkeeper for the Montreal Impact. With a mandatory canadian spot, Marco Schällibaum did confirm to the media that spot will be filled by a player of the Academy. That decision will be made during the club's pre-season tournament in Orlando, Florida.

Could it be Maxime Crepeau?

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Battle for First? Troy Perkins vs Evan Bush

The battle between 1A and 1B some might say.

At this point, Troy Perkins has an obvious competitive advantage for the #1 spot on the team. With MLS experience and an excellent showing in 9 games (4 shutouts) with the Impact, it is basically Troy Perkins's job to lose. Outside injuries, horrible performances in pre-season or ''unforeseen events'', Perkins is the number 1 goalkeeper in the Impact's hierarchy.

On the other hand, Evan Bush is the perfect backup to step in in case of injuries, Canadian Championship games etc... But for how long can a 27-year old goalkeeper stay patient and wait his turn? The 2011 NASL golden glove will be looking to be a full-time MLS goalkeeper somewhere but both club and player obviously want to stay as a couple.

The goalkeeping situation in Montreal is nothing close to any Montreal Canadiens drama in the NHL. The Impact have 2 excellent goalkeepers ready to take on the #1 spot with Troy Perkins being the MLS veteran , hoping to have found a more stable club than the Portland Timbers of 2012. Let's hope that history does not repeat itself and the experience of Perkins with an expansion club in 2011 & 2012 will help. His role will be important in helping the team and organisation going through what might happen and has happened for many MLS clubs: Sophomore Expansion Blues.

Evan Bush has a great opportunity to compete and become a starter. Worst case scenario would see him take over between the posts in 2014.

1) Troy Perkins
2) Evan Bush
3) Brad Stuver
3) Maxime Crepeau