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Joey Saputo hints at South American player signing with the Montreal Impact

Following the tradition of another owner/president sharing mysterious insights on twitter,(a la Merritt Paulson) Joey Saputo hints at a South American player about to sign with the Montreal Impact.

Richard Heathcote

Between Sporting Kansas City and the Portland Timbers signing Argentinean players, the AlbiCeleste fever is continuing to strike MLS. There are no hints or rumors at the precise country from which the player will come from. My geographical knowledge tells me that Central America is out of the picture (duh!).

No matter where the player comes from, we can expect an offensive type player ,something that Nick De Santis was pointing out as a need. After the Lamar Neagle trade, another spot in the midfield opens up but you never know, Martin Bonjour might join the club.

Who do you think the signing will be?