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#AskMarco : How Athletes & Fans connect in Web 2.0

Ask Marco Di Vaio brought in the Italian Designated Player at Stade Saputo to answer questions from fans. Via twitter and facebook, the veteran striker connects with fans and shares his thoughts about MLS, family and more.

Social Democratization via Twitter and Facebook is the best way to reach out to your fa base and the Montreal Impact have fully embraced that feature. With Alessandro Nesta, Marco Di Vaio is the most sought-out player by fans for autographs, media attention and star power.

With different initiatives in the social media hub, the Montreal Impact have reached out many times to fans and potential fans by selling the Impact brand via Facebook, twitter, Youtube , iOS/Android apps and more. This is an important media to continue connecting with your fans that are tech-savvy and always connected.

A nice tool by that compares Marco Di Vaio's twitter profileto David Beckham's . Not looking for a Di Vaio supremacy but I thought it was interesting to see some key ''social media'' stats.

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