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2013 Amway Canadian Championship dates have been announced

Montreal is in a tight race to make the playoffs but an internal race is happening country-wide. Who between the Impact and the Whitecap will finish with more points and take 1st seed in the 2013 Amway Canadian Championship? Who will face FC Edmonton?

Richard Wolowicz - Getty Images

It's that time again when you mark your calendars for the Cup that put the Montreal Impact on the North American map: or at least noticed more. The Canadian Soccer Association has released the 2013 schedule for the Amway Canadian Championship. The 6-game schedule will feature all 4 Canadian professional soccer teams: the Montreal Impact, Toronto FC, the Vancouver Whitecaps and FC Edmonton.

In its 6th edition, the '' Voyageurs Cup '' was first won by the Montreal Impact in 2008 and then Toronto FC took over by winning it for 4 consecutive years. The winner of the cup gets an automatic berth to the CONCACAF Champions League (CCL) . Both teams have reached the quarterfinals of the CCL and having bragging rights in '' Canadiana '' history is not something to shy away from.

Tell to that to the Vancouver Whitecaps who have finished runner-up in the last four editions of the Amway Championship and will not say no to take on the continent in Champions League competition.

Montreal and Vancouver are fighting each other for 1st seed as Toronto FC is already 3rd seed and Edmonton FC 4th. Both the Whitecaps and the Impact are fighting for a MLS playoff spot (more realistic for Vancouver) and getting as much points as possible towards making the playoffs will translate in a tight race for Top Canadian Team in MLS.


1st Leg on 24 April 2013 - #4 vs. #1
1st Leg on 24 April 2013 - #3 vs. #2
2nd Leg on 1 May 2013 - #2 vs. #3
2nd Leg on 1 May 2013 - #1 vs. #4


1st Leg on 15 May 2013
2nd Leg on 29 May 2013