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Gio’s Random Thoughts: RIP Urso, The Rivas, Felipe’s Goal and more...

Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio’s Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly.

* RIP Kirk Urso. The 22 year old Columbus Crew midfielder passed away Saturday night. Another young man who has left us too soon. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, teammates and all those whose lives he touched.

* If we keep this up, the playoffs become more and more possible.

* Can we not rely on Toronto for anything? Seriously. They were leading 1-0 against Chicago and lost the game 2-1. Can they try to be serious and win a game from time to time?

* Nelson Rivas should be suspended no more than 3 games for channeling his inner Zinedine Zidane.

* Rivas’ action was unacceptable and deserves a lengthy suspension. However, to those of you that have been asking for 4-10 games, settle down. Zidane only got 3 games for his famed head butt.

* Let’s not forget one thing. Hoppenot also deserves a suspension for his WWE style takedown of Rivas seconds earlier. Rivas is lucky he didn’t get hurt.

* To those calling Rivas a scumbag and other names, shame on you. You don’t know the man. How would YOU react if YOU got thrown to the ground on a dirty play? That’s right, you are no Mother Theresa either.

* Rivas did score a 10 out of 10 for poise, aim and follow through. (Just a joke folks... lighten up!)

* Felipe’s goal is the goal of the week. Period.

* What happened to Jeb Brovsky during the Union game? Lost his cool quickly, couldn’t regain it and lost the trust from Alessandro Nesta and Matteo Ferrari for the rest of the game who never sent the ball his way. He’ll bounce back.

* Can someone please tell Justin Mapp that a Soccer game lasts 90 minutes and not 60? Seriously, I’m getting fed up of these 60th minute substitutions.

* Nesta still doesn’t trust Donovan Ricketts.

* Donovan Ricketts still scares the hell out of me. He's got to get a grip on that ball.

* Nesta, in my opinion, has become another captain on the field. He has taken charge. He is the first to congratulate a player on a good play and the first one to rip a player a new one on a mistake.

* Nesta + Ferrari = best CB duo in the MLS. Period. No debate. Wanna argue? Ok. Name your best CB duo. Doesn’t matter. You lose.

* On Twitter, there was a Philly media member who was blasting our media and our fans. Right, because the Philadelphia sports culture is all about respect and fair play. Ridiculous.

* The same media member laughed at the fans for doing the wave. This coming from a city that thinks that chanting ‘U-S-A! U-S-A!’ during sporting events is cool.

* Andrew Wenger is good. He’s going to be real good.

* In a show of support for his teammate Marco Di Vaio, Nesta took off his jersey and put on MDV’s after the final whistle. PURE CLASS.

* Reports came out that Michael Ballack had a deal with the Impact but wanted to evaluate other offers first. Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis got tired of waiting. They signed Nesta instead. Good call.

Until next time, FORZA IMPACT!!