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Montreal Impact 2 - Philadelphia Union 0: No Brotherly love

No pictures yet from the actual game but make your caption . '' So Titi, tell me again about that head-butt at the World Cup? ''
No pictures yet from the actual game but make your caption . '' So Titi, tell me again about that head-butt at the World Cup? ''

'' Here is your change back and some more , Philadelphia Union '' . That is probably one way among many that the Montreal Impact felt about this important win over the Union. A new-look defensive line and Marco Di Vaio absent, it was a true test for the Montreal Impact tactically and on the scoreboard. Trying to distance themselves from the Philadelphia Union and the New England Revolution, the Impact need every 3 points they can get to get closer to that 5th spot and the Chicago Fire.

The first half was slow in its rhythm and tempo on both sides. The Union,as expected, stayed back with little pressure up high on the Impact defense. Montreal had control of the ball but the Philly team was cohesive and did a good job to make the home team look sloppy. The only action of the game in which the Impact combined 2 consecutive quick passes was on the 1st goal of the game. At the 44th minute, Justin Mapp played a short corner kick to Patrice Bernier , just outside the edge of box) who chipped it in for a unmarker Andrew Wenger: with the head and it's 1-0 . Di Vaio's replacement delivered the merchandise as he said in the pre-game:

Marco and I are different but the main thing in common between us will be scoring goals.

Signed, sealed, delivered

The second half saw more action and movement in a good and bad way. The fact that the Montreal Impact scored ,first and late in the 1st half, was important for the flow of the game. It made the Union open up and go for that tying goal, a game that the Impact love to play. This time, Montreal was able to get more chances and at the 60th minute, Zach MacMath made a great save on a sure goal.

69th minute: Off the ball action saw Antoine Hoppenot perform an Ippon (judo take-down) on Nelson Rivas. The Colombian international did not enjoy being dragged in Olympics Judo and head-butted Hoppenot. Nelson Rivas was red-carded and Jack McInerney also received a red card for pushing Rivas, as a measure to show solidarity to his Union teammate.

The last 20 minutes of the game was 10 v 10 soccer which opened up the game even more and what a goal by Felipe Martins. The Impact enjoyed the more open game and the action on the goal was a measure of resilience, athleticism and genius from Hassoun Camara's interception and run, up to Felipe's stroke of brazilian genius.

That goal sealed the deal for the Montreal Impact, with 2 consecutive wins in MLS, something that did not happen since May 2012 (Timbers at home, Kansas City away).

Nelson ''Tyson'' Rivas

Nelson Rivas and the Montreal Impact should get a pretty angry call from the MLS Disciplinary Committee. AT first, I called for a minimum of 5-games for Rivas as the head-butt was intentional but the circumstances surrounding it might help Nelson..or not. Let's just say 2-3 games easily plus a very very heavy fine.

Post-Game Reactions

Game Highlights