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Stefano Palazzi's appeal rejected: Marco Di Vaio acquitted

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Initially being acquitted a first time by an Italian sports tribunal, Marco Di Vaio was clear of all charges. But that story could not end that well could it? A few days later, Stefano Palazzi decided to appeal (in his right and part of procedure) with an extra piece of evidence. The evidence was an alleged phone conversation between Di Vaio and Portanova,a piece of evidence that was rejected in the first instances of CalcioScommesse.

Our own, Giovanni Sardo , was in contact with an Italian reporter close to the trial and confirmed a few days earlier that the acquittal should be a formality. The length and content of the phone conversation was deemed ineligible in relation to the Bologna-Bari game and Marco Di Vaio is finally and definitively acquitted.

The official judgement can be read here (in Italian) and La Gazetta dello Sport and the Corriere di Bologna confirm the good news about Marco Di Vaio. The key word in the document, on page 3, when you search for Di Vaio's name is '' Respinto '' meaning Rejected.

The concerned party is happy to diffuse the news himself