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Gio’s Random Thoughts: Brovsky is Superman, Pontius’ spare left foot and more...

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Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio’s Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly.

* Playoffs? Are you a believer yet? START BELIEVING!

* Is there anything that Jeb Brovsky can’t do? Left back, right back, midfielder and now centre back? Should Troy Perkins fear for his job?

* Brovsky is as automatic and safe as they come. What a warrior. I will now refer to him as Superman.

* No Alessandro Nesta, no Sanna Nyassi, no Justin Mapp, no Nelson Rivas, no Zarek Valentin, no problem.

* The Impact beat the best team in the MLS with only 2 regular defensemen in the lineup, 1 of which played out of position. Maybe it’s time to forget the standings and start putting the Impact in that ‘best team in the MLS’ conversation.

* Lamar Neagle won a lot of fans with his monster performance. Should the debate be open as to whether he or Justin Mapp should get the playing time? The answer is yes.

* I’ve been a supporter of Lamar’s since the trade. The guy is a beast. All he needed was some confidence and some playing time. A future starter.

* Can’t help but think that Marco Di Vaio’s goal and performance was a big *insert comment or curse word of choice* to Prosecutor Palazzi in Italy.

* Di Vaio played like a liberated man. Forget the acquittal appeal, that is going nowhere. You heard me say it first.

* During the game, I trademarked a new catch phrase. Ready? It’s: ‘Wouldn’t have happened with Ricketts’. This applies every time Troy Perkins: Catches a ball, punches it away, controls his D line, gets a pass back from a teammate, charges the ball... well I think you get point.

* Hassoun Camara joins the ranks on Impact tough guys. Jeb Brovsky started it all earlier in the season. Nelson Rivas took it to a new level. It’s simple. Don’t piss them off.

* Both players deserved a yellow card. Neither should have been sent off. At least the ref fixed part of his mistake by sending off the Quakes’ player too.

* Double red and a PK still gets awarded? Really? Lenhart hit Camara first. MLS refs just keeping in line with their reputation.

* During the broadcast of the DC United-Philadelphia game, the announcer said:

‘That’s not even Chris Pontius’ favorite left foot!’

I don’t even know how to attack that one.

* Is it me or does Patrice Bernier need to develop his left foot? I love Patrice but I never see him kick with his left foot. In fact, look at the times when he holds on to the ball a touch too long, it always seems like he’s trying to set up the right footed kick.

* Can Pontius give Bernier his least favorite left foot?

* I hope Chris Wondolowski enjoyed his free goal.

* I’m disappointed that the Impact didn’t have a moment of silence in Kirk Urso’s honor. Yes, it’s been two weeks but it was our first home game since he passed away.

* Maybe it’s time that someone starts the Jesse Marsch contract extension rumors. The guy has been rumored to be fired 4-5 times this season, how about sending some love his way?

* How can anyone not love Captain Davy Arnaud? The guy will fill in at any position and plays his heart out. If you don’t like him, you need to change your way of thinking.

* Saturday night. DC United. Stade Saputo. Be there. Biggest game of the year.

* During the last 5 minutes of the DC United – Philadelphia game, 2 DCU players got red cards and 2 teammates were seen pushing and shoving. Trouble in DC could be a huge boost for the Impact. Curious to see how all this plays out.

Until next time, FORZA IMPACT!!