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Gio’s Random Thoughts: Stealing points, handballs, Troy Perkins, Quakes and more...

MONTREAL, CANADA - JULY 28:  Nesta and Rivas shut down the then-East leading Red Bulls. Can Nesta and Matteo Ferrari do the same to Wondolowski and the Quakes?  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
MONTREAL, CANADA - JULY 28: Nesta and Rivas shut down the then-East leading Red Bulls. Can Nesta and Matteo Ferrari do the same to Wondolowski and the Quakes? (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio’s Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly.

* Dear Donovan Ricketts, now you’re just a goalie that we used to know.... (I feel like I could remix the whole Gotye song in his honor...)

* Troy Perkins... all I can say is WOW. He’s a definite upgrade over Ricketts. Without Perkins, the boys don’t come home with the 3 points.

* As much as I would love to see Evan Bush play, this is Perkins’ job to lose and it shows that he doesn’t plan on losing it anytime soon.

* I think all the Donovan Ricketts fans went into hiding.

* I’m seeing so much love on social media towards Perkins. He was adored in Portland. I think we are very lucky to have him.

* Many fans in Portland want GM Gavin Wilkinson fired after that trade. Look up the hash tag #GWOUT for anger tweets.

* Sanna Nyassi is a super sub. I don’t think he should be a starter. He is a great game changer. Great role for him. Can go all out for 30-45 minutes.

* Nyassi’s goal should be the goal of the week. Period.

* What an ugly turf in New England. I play on nicer turf in my Soccer leagues. That was ‘horri-awful’ (Shaq’s word for a horrible and awful combo)

* Felipe learned from the Nelson Rivas incident. Instead of head butting his opponent, he just kicked him in the face and made it look like an accident.

* The Impact were lucky to get those three points. Revs got screwed by the non-PK call on his handball in the box.

* Dennis Iapichino should practice this week with both hands tied behind his back.

* When Zarek Valentin comes back from injury, I don’t see how Iapichino will see the field. Iapichino needs to speed up the learning curve. That’s a big salary for a guy so low on the depth chart.

* Dear Philadelphia, thanks for nothing. You had a 1-0 nothing lead and blew it against Chicago. Useless.

* Anyone else growing tired of Justin Mapp constantly needing to be subbed off? Used to last 60-65 minutes. Last game: 45 minutes. Hard to justify his roster spot.

* Dear Justin, please use that last thought as motivation. I will gladly eat my words afterwards.

* Don’t get me wrong, I am REALLY happy that Patrice Bernier got called up by the national team BUT with the game against the powerful Earthquakes next Saturday, I’d rather have him in Montreal, resting.

* With the amount of firepower that the Quakes have, I really hope Jesse Marsch plays Marco Di Vaio and Andrew Wenger together. Need to spark the offense and create more space.

* I am thinking of offering a reward to whoever shaves Saer Sene’s head. Fed up of the Mario Balotelli wannabe look. Be your own man.

* The Impact play against the best team in the MLS on Saturday, the San Jose Earthquakes. Hey, the Impact beat the best team in the East (Red Bulls) not too long ago; they can handle the Quakes too, no?

* Alessandro Nesta, meet Chris Wondolowski. Wondo has been better than Henry this year. Your mission: Destroy.

* The Quakes’ best player is Wondolowski. I’d love to have Sinisa Ubiparipovic in the lineup too just to mess with the commentators and make their life difficult. Where is former Expo Mark Grudzielanek when you need him? We can have the all alphabet team!

* The Quakes’ have 3 of their best players going to Mexico on Wednesday with the US Men’s National team. Let’s hope their plane gets delayed a few times.

* I hope that the Impact will have a moment of silence in honor of Kirk Urso. Yes, two weeks will have passed since he left us but it will be our first home game since. Moment of silence should be held in every MLS stadium.

Until next time, FORZA IMPACT!!