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Stefano Palazzi appeals against the acquittal of Bonucci, Pepe and Marco Di Vaio

The CalcioScommesse story never seems to want to end for Italian soccer and in our realm, Marco Di Vaio. After having been acquitted from the sports tribunal last week, the federal prosecutor, Stefano Palazzi, has decided to appeal the acquittal decisions including the one for the Montreal Impact Designated Player.

Thierry Cros ,that was previously interviewed (see related link below), has put out this tweet to confirm the news.

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Stefano Palazzi has appealed against the acquittal of Bonucci, Pepe and Di Vaio. Hearing next week.

The saga continues for Marco Di Vaio, something that he does not need on a personal and professional basis. At this point, it might just be a procedural thing more than anything else but not many experts expected an appeal.