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CalcioScommesse: Marco Di Vaio acquitted, Montreal Impact breath better

News coming Italy and twitter has come to spread the news that Marco Di Vaio has been acquitted from any wrong-doings. Marco Di Vaio was being accused of non-denunciation of attempted match rigging, that he did not participate in. The rigged game in question was the game between Bologna and Bari on May 22nd 2011.

A sigh of relief is heard all around the Montreal Impact: from fans to players, staff to media. The timing of these proceedings could have come at a worst for Di Vaio and the club. After a few difficult starts with the club, Di Vaio has finally scored his first goal in MLS and ready to add some more to his goal count.

Even in his absence (in Italy for the sports trial), the Impact went on to win against the Philadelphia Union with teammates sending messages of support ( Nesta wearing #9 after the game for example).

Let's look at the story of this whole situation after the jump

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