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Gio's Random Thoughts : Impact vs Kansas City Post-Game Edition

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Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio's Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly.

* Someone call CSI's Horatio Cane. There was an awful crime committed last night. Dust the field for prints. Interrogate the hot dog vendor. Must get to the bottom of this.

* Can I know how 12 000 people witness a crime yet the criminals are not arrested? Even worse, they are allowed to leave the crime scene under police escort!

* Saputo Stadium is a crime scene. Why is there no yellow tape around the property?

* Oh to be a fly on the wall next to Joey Saputo or Nick De Santis during that KC game. Surprised Vegas didn't put odds on the amount of curse words used.

* Did I miss the memo? Did the MLS start a work release program for prisoners? Those refs were stone cold thieves. Definitely professionals.

* Where do I buy the Cracker Jack Boxes that come with a MLS referee license as the prize in the box?

* Where do I apply to become a MLS ref? Clown college?

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* To the KC player who kept on kissing the American flag and laughing at the Impact fans, I truly hope that you were doing some kind of Fourth of July celebration.

* During the game, fans broke out into chants directed at the referee that were, let's just say, colorful. Here's to hoping that the kids at Saputo Stadium didn't remember them this morning.

* Donovan Ricketts is starting to worry me. Many shanked kicks, late on many shots and just didn't seem stable. He even missed kicking the ball in anger after he allowed a PK goal. Evan Bush, keep your gloves on.

* Davy Arnaud got a yellow for complaining. The ref should have got a red for being awful.

* I hope Nesta wasn't asking himself: ‘What have I gotten myself into?' by watching the last few games.

* The Impact desperately need Andrew Wenger, Matteo Ferrari and Nelson Rivas back. Like yesterday.

* I'd like to know how Jesse Marsch has avoided to be ejected so far this season. A real firecracker on the sidelines, he even ripped off his jacket as he blasted the refs. The ejection is coming. I can feel it.

That's it fans. I'm just too upset to keep going.

Until next time, FORZA IMPACT!!