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Latest Italian Betting Scandal: Marco Di Vaio in lukewarm water

As announced on Thursday on the FIGC website, the Italian Football Federation released a list of all players and clubs involved in the match fixing scandal. Marco Di Vaio's name is mentioned in the investigation as some other Bologna players are accused of being involved, some directly, other indirectly.

The Italian Football Federation's prosecutor is Stefano Palazzi, the prosecutor who handled the 2006 Italian football match fixing scandals. (Juventus, AC Milan)

About Marco Di Vaio


A loose Google Translation

Marco DI VAIO, at the material time player registered for the company BOLOGNA, pursuant to art. 7, paragraph 7, of C.G.S., for failed in its duty to inform without delay the federal prosecutors, failing to denounce the illegal sport made ​​integral with respect to race Bologna-Bari, 22 May 2011, which was learned by the Bologna footballer Daniele Portanova;

Marco Di Vaio is basically being accused for not having reported to the federal prosecutors about the illegal activities around the Bologna-Bari game on the 22nd May 2011.