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Gio’s Random Thoughts: Forward depth, playoff chances and more...

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Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio's Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some
observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly.

* I wish all the best to Miguel Montano. It's too bad that he had to leave Montreal because of the STM
situation. He's young and full of talent. We'll hopefully see him again in the MLS although I doubt it will
be in Montreal.

* Miguel Montano - Gone. Justin Braun - Gone. Andrew Wenger - Injured. Bernardo Corradi - Injured.
This leaves the Impact with only Marco Di Vaio and Eduardo Sebrango as the only real forwards. Scary.

* Evan James is also on the roster but we haven't had any news on him in ages. He's no longer on the
injury list. Could he soon be part of the 18 man game roster? Is he really part of the solution? Perhaps
he should go out on loan instead, get some playing time and try to light up the NASL.

* Davy Arnaud is all heart. No one out works him but he is not a full time forward. He doesn't have the
speed needed to be a constant threat.

* I don't know if Sanna Nyassi and Marco Di Vaio can co-exist on the field. Nyassi couldn't get it done
with Bernardo Corradi. Will be interesting to see how Nyassi's minutes will be managed.

* Everybody loves Sebrango but he shouldn't be the 2nd true forward on this roster. I'm not even sure he
should be the 4th or 5th option. He's done nothing in the very limited minutes he's had.

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* What is going on with Justin Mapp? Why does he only seem to last 65-70 minutes? Although he
plays well for those 65-70 minutes, you can't go into a game knowing that you must already burn one
substitution for him. We need guys who can last 90.

* The Impact cannot afford any more mistakes. 7 points out of 5th place, they have played 2-4 more
games than any other team in the chase for the 5th spot. With 3 MLS games (plus the exhibition against
Olympique Lyonnais) in 10 days, we will soon know, once and for all, if this team is a contenders or a

* Memo to Jesse Marsch: Fix that back line. Sadly (and I highly disagree if this happens), you may not see
next season if this team doesn't make the playoffs.

* Donovan Ricketts made some MONSTER saves in the last game BUT he was still very scary at times.
Many of my Twitter followers from around the MLS share the same opinion: He was great in LA because
of that great backline, anchored by Omar Gonzalez. Is he being exposed by this depleted backline?
Maybe. Should Evan Bush get a chance? Maybe.

* Dennis Iapichino cannot be completely faulted for that missed coverage that led to the Union goal.
He's barely practiced with the team and was thrown to the wolves by Jesse Marsch. Like a pitcher who
gives up a home run on a softie, Marsch may want to have that decision back.

* The Impact should treat the game against Olympique Lyon as nothing more than a glorified practice.
If any of Rivas, Ferrari or Nesta are close to coming back, they should play but only at half speed to get
their game legs back. Felipe, Patrice Bernier, Di Vaio and other regulars should be rested. Give playing
time to Josh Gardner, Calum Mallace, Karl Ouimette, Dennis Iapichino, Evan James, Sebrango and Evan
Bush. With 4 games in 10 days, it would be ridiculous to burn out our main guys for this game.

* 26 year old Macedonian forward Bajram Fetai is on trial with the Impact. I like what I see on Youtube.
Comes highly recommended by Patrice Bernier. Could take Miguel Montano's international spot.
Curious to see how this plays out over the next few days.

* On Youtube, you can see Bajram Fetai's special goal celebration (includes shadow punches and a
player shooting him). I don't know if this would be well received in Montreal. Personally, I like the
shadow punching part only. Not a fan of promoting violence.

* Dear Alessandro Del Piero, we need you. Listen to Nesta, he knows what he's talking about. Why
don't you come play with our team? Maybe bring another friend with you? Fabio Grosso? A creative
midfielder? Come on, you know you want to!!

* I think Nick De Santis has another 2-3 moves planned for this roster. Interesting times ahead.

Until next time, FORZA IMPACT!!