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Montreal Impact Sales Pitch Goes Web 2.0 : Why tell you If I can just show you

Stade Saputo Picture
Stade Saputo Picture

I will applaude (yet again) the Montreal Impact for its marketing efforts in promoting the team and the relentless efforts of the sales team to give the best service to its current and future potential clients. You must say to yourself that I am getting paid to see this or the sales staff are my best friends. Au contraire, I don't really know them on a very personal basis but was impressed with the service they give when you call them and meet them as per ticket information, season tickets and when just talking soccer. It's a good sign that your sales team actually knows the game, watches it and plays it. When selling becomes second nature, a reflex, it's pretty much easy to do your job.

The selling process is surrounded by a marketing campaign that has already surpassed the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL (their training camp started by the way). The Montreal Impact's association with Sid Lee, a Montreal-based creative agency firm that is known worldwide, was and still is key to the Impact success in it's marketing presence in different media. The strategy has gone beyond the traditional media venues but going on the interactive area in social networks, mobile applications, YouTube videos giving more than one entry for its customer but before hand its fans.

Why tell you If I can just show you