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My Favorite Sports Highlights: Oum Durman, Antar Yahia leads Algeria to 2010 World Cup

Date: November 18th 2009

Location: Oum Durman, Sudan

Reason: Tie Breaker game between Algeria and Egypt --> winner takes all and gets a golden ticket to South Africa and the 2010 World Cup.

Context: The tension couldn't be bigger after Algeria and Egypt were tied at the end of the group stages after incidents prior to the last game of the group in Cairo, Egypt ( the bus taking the Algerian team to their hotel was attacked by some fans). After a 2-0 win for Egypt, a tie breaker was needed and a game was going to be held in Sudan to decide the last African representative to the 2010 World Cup. Let's just say that the game in Oum Durman was probably the most watched game by fans all over the world and FIFA executives. (an obvious exaggeration)

The last time Algeria went to the World Cup was in 1986. I was only 6 years old so my memory of that event stops at Youtube videos, FIFA classic games and old VHS tapes. I never thought of having a chance to watch Algeria play in the World Cup as a young man with all the problems my country of origin had ( war against terrorism) and a few ''golden generations'' never panning out.

The last Algerian hero is named Antar Yahia. His blast in the tie-breaker game ended up being the game winner, a blast that came from nowhere, a blast that gave hope for a whole country and a whole generation of young and old alike to support their team and their colors.

Click on the Youtube link below and watch this great goal commented by no other than Haffid Derradji, Al Jazeera Sports commentator.


ps: I could not find an embeddable video