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MLS Power Rankings: Montreal Impact out of the mud and gaining credibility

The previous MLS Power Rankings have been tough on the Montreal Impact as their improvement in play was not being translated in results and points. It's understandable that only good results translate into better rankings and good intentions do not count. Here is a list of different power rankings results for the Montreal Impact and all rankings seem to be in sync.

SBNation: 13th

--> '' Montreal Impact (13.11; 14.94): There's no denying they absolutely handled the Sounders. Now can they repeat the effort? ''

ESPN: 12th

--> '' That's the way to rechristen a stadium. With Patrice Bernier on fire to the tune of three assists, Montreal reopened Stade Saputo in style, thrashing high-flying Seattle 4-1. '' 12th

--> '' They ended a two-game losing streak in the most emphatic fashion imaginable, absolutely hammering Seattle at Stade Saputo. They'll need to keep Nelson Rivas and Matteo Ferrari healthy - no easy task - but if they manage it, they should have legit postseason hopes. ''

The Power Rank: 13th