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Stade Saputo: 17 days left


Picture courtesy of the Montreal Impact webcam

There are 17 days left before Stade Saputo opens its doors its club , players, staff and fans. Speaking to staff of the Montreal Impact, confidence and assurance has been conveyed that the Stade Saputo will be ready in time. When you look at the webcam, the stadium will be ready as per the infrastructure , the seatingsm, lights etc... A main concern that is talked about among fans and media was the readiness of the grass as per being usable for playing without damaging it.

At this point, there is not much one can do as the rolled on grass pitch needs to settle in for a few weeks but it's a risk that the Montreal Impact has to take but I feel confident that the Impact will take care of business as they always do.

17 days before opening game at Stade Saptuo, 17 days before Marco Di Vaio is introduced to the crowds.

How convenient that the Montreal Impact just posted a nice video of all the Montreal Impact goals at Stade Olympique this year from a sideline view . Au revoir Big O, Hello Stade Saputo