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Colorado Rapids 3 - Montreal Impact 2 : Quotes Edition

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Here are quotes from the game courtesy of the MLS, the Montreal Impact and the Colorado Rapids.

Montreal Impact

Jesse Marsch, head coach

Talking about mistakes and killing the game

We have to start to learn from our mistakes.We are playing well but we shoot ourselves in the foot. We should have won this game a hundred ways but we walk out with no point. We are a better team than this. Our mistakes kill us.

Andrew Wenger, forward

It's disappointing because we worked hard, we came back in the game, we scored nice goals but we allowed goals that should have never happened.

Davy Arnaud, captain of the Montreal Impact

It's difficult to accept because we scored two goals away from home and when you score twice you should get a better result," said team captain Davy Arnaud. "We played well, we moved the ball and we created chances but if you give set piece goals like that, you are going to get punished.

Colorado Rapids quotes after the jump...

Colorado Rapids

Oscar Pareja, head coach of the Colorado Rapids

I think it's a great message from the players to all of us; the players who played today I think they gave everything they had in the field.They know because I felt it in the locker room after the game that it was not our best game and we all know we were not sharp with the ball and we didn't have the possession we're used to [having]. But ... it is all the credit for those players who were on the pitch today.

Jeff Larentowicz, midfielder

It's something that you learn that the year is long and sometimes it takes skill, sometimes it takes guts, sometimes it takes a little witchcraft, but we figured it out somehow tonight and got three.I think that having a break between now and our next MLS game, we wanted to get max points so we could sit on it for a bit.

Kamani Hill, midfielder

One of the things we haven't done this season is deal with adversity.So building on last week's game and this week's game is so important for the team in the long run in building character and confidence.

Oscar Pareja after the game