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Poll -- International Club Friendlies: Will the Montreal Impact Host, Play or Both?

Ronaldinho, where are thou?
Ronaldinho, where are thou?

With all the different news of international club friendlies coming out around Major League Soccer, Montreal Impact fans have been salivating for some star players and teams to come to Montreal. Nothing better than Juventus vs Paris Saint Germain to come to cosmopolitan city and showcase a gala like pre-season game at the Olympic Stadium.

Not officially confirmed (99% official as per CAA Sports) as part of the 2012 World Football Challenge, the Serie A champions will face the Ligue 1's runner up and expect to see a full house at Stade Olympique. With rumors of a game between Real Madrid and AC Milan coming to Montreal, the event-savvy Montreal resident will gladly make his way to a soccer game this summer.

Not unfamiliar with big events, Montreal has seen its share of star soccer players when the Montreal Impact played les Girondins de Bordeaux, Fiorentina and AC Milan.

But what do you think about the Montreal Impact cooking up a surprise international friendly to play in?