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Three Questions with LAG Confidential 's Josie Becker: Donde Esta La...

A lot of us are eager to see David Beckham and Robbie Keane but what about some love for Bill Gaudette?
A lot of us are eager to see David Beckham and Robbie Keane but what about some love for Bill Gaudette?

Bonjour ,Bonsoir Mesdames et Messieurs

Welcome back to another edition of 3 Questions as this week, we talk to Josie Becker of LAG Confidential. I was also interrogated LA Style by a savvy soccer aficionado and you can read my answers here. And no, I did not ask '' Donde Esta La Biblioteca '' but let's hope we all don't ask '' Donde Esta David Beckham '' as some rumors talk of Beckham shunning away the carpet that the Olympic Stadium offers as a pitch.

Mount Royal Soccer asks: Let`s start with a difficult question and maybe even start some drama: is Bruce Arena`s job in jeopardy? And is David Beckham Arena's biggest ally?

The short answer is no, Bruce Arena's job is not in jeopardy. He's won coach of the year twice in three years with the Galaxy, won the cup last year, two straight supporter's shields, a 51-23-30 record over the last three seasons.That buys you a bit of leeway. Beckham has come around on Arena, but don't forget Beckham brought in a coach, who was replaced by Arena. If any truism has been proven in MLS over the years, it's that experience in this league is possibly the most invaluable resource there is. Bruce Arena, Sigi Schmid, and Frank Yallop are some of the best MLS has, and that just comes down to experience in the league. For the Galaxy to let go of Arena, there'd have to be a viable replacement out there and there just isn't.

Mount Royal Soccer asks: The LA Galaxy are basically the Galacticos of MLS but seems to be missing some high level caliber defending? Is there a weakness in defense or is it the defensive work as a unit that has lacked in the beginning of this season? The team has gotten sharper lately though.

The back line over the last three years has been built around Omar Gonzalez's talent and height. He could stop crosses with his head, and his speed made it difficult for forwards to get behind him. Now while A.J. DeLaGarza may be one of the best athletes on the Galaxy back line, but he hasn't looked in control out there. It hasn't help that he's been paired with a platoon of a rookie, a journeyman, and now a second Chivas USA castoff. Then after being hailed as the second coming, David Junior Lopes isn't in the 18 on Saturday. Leonardo isn't ready, still recovering from an injury suffered last Spring. The Galaxy are trying all sorts of combinations in the reserve matches. Clearly, continuity is an issue. However, you're right, things have gotten sharper lately. The club is starting to fall into a routine, but things like when players should switch off continue to be an issue that results in surrendering goals.

Mount Royal Soccer asks: How is the perception and popularity of the LA Gakaxy in LA in the ocean of Major Sports Team in the area? How would you describe the LA GAlaxy fans ?

There is plenty of competition for the Galaxy in Los Angeles, between the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, LA Dodgers, LA Kings, LA Angels of Anaheim, Anaheim Ducks, and Chivas USA. When the Galaxy won the Cup last year, it was a sellout and the crowd was amazingly loud, but there was no parade afterward. City hall wasn't lit up in Galaxy colors. LA loves a winner, is the old saying. The Kings right now are on a great playoff run, and suddenly a team that couldn't care less about hockey is dotted with Kings car flags. The Galaxy winning the cup got a lot of people's attention, and I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the amazing supporters groups the AC Brigade and the Riot Squad. The Home Depot Center gets overlooked these days, but it's really a fantastic venue and the people inside can get quite loud.

My projecting starting lineup for Saturday: Gaudette; Jimenez, DeLaGarza, Meyer, Dunivant; Franklin, Beckham, Juninho, Magee; Donovan, Keane

merci et bonne chance pour samedi