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Gio's Random Thoughts: Week of April 1st 2012

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Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio's Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly. So kick back, relax, eat a fruit and enjoy!

* I'd like to thank Donovan Ricketts for not force feeding me my words after I recommended he sit out a game. You're the number 1 keeper. I get it. Can you please change that road cone orange jersey now?

* Why won't Justin Braun make me eat my words by scoring a few goals?

* I know the team was defending a corner, but why was Braun in the box? Can someone tell him he's supposed to be that close... TO THE OPPOSITE NET!!!!

* Can we at least get Braun on the scoresheet with an assist on RSL's goal? I mean, the setup was beautiful!

* During the last 3 games, there is a vein in Davy Arnaud's neck that sticks out more and more with every bad ref decision. The Impact doctors will now have to check his blood pressure every 15 minutes during a game.

* New coaching technique to keep Justin Braun up top: Every time he drops into midfield, he has to run 10 laps around the field, after the game, with 50lbs on his back. That should teach him to stay in the right spot on the field.

* Dear Justin Mapp, I love your style of play. We've made the peace. We're buddies now so I feel like I can tell you anything. Can you do me a little favor? Shave the hair? That forward comb over look isn't you. Sorry but someone had to say it.

* Zarek Valentin was sent to Montreal after the Red Bulls game for rest and to get more acclimated to the city. What does that mean exactly? How does one get more acclimated to their city in one day?

* Houston's Colin Clark got banned 3 games PLUS a fine PLUS he has to attend sensitivity training. Way to go MLS!!!

* Shavar Thomas... where have you been all season?? That was a great statement game by him. Tyson Wahl... get nervous.

* Ok, I want video footage that Fucito is alive and healthy and in Montreal. Did he disrespect Marsch in some way? We don't see him, don't hear from him... PLEASE PUT HIM IN COACH!!

* I wonder if Thomas and Ricketts talk to each other in Jamaican on the field and make fun of the other players.

* To the Corradi haters: Really? Can you give the guy a chance? Maybe a few more starts before you judge the guy?

* To the Ferrari haters: Have you ever watched a soccer game?

* How was Andrew Wenger available for the game against RSL? I thought he had class. Did his parents sign a note saying: "Please excuse Andrew from class today, he has a pro soccer game today??"

* Felipe... where are you? Have you seen him? You know that Italo-Brazilian fireball pain in the other team's rear?? He's been missing since he got called for the penalty against Columbus.

* How many referees do the MLS have?? I always see the same 3. The big guy (Salazar?) who looks like he works out 23 hours a day, last year's MLS ref of the year and some old guy.

* During the RSL game, on Twitter, some people brought up the name Ali Gerba. Again? Really? Can we stop it already? Who's next? Rocco Placentino? Cut it out.