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SBNation MLS Power Rankings: Montreal Impact's better play does not reflect in rankings

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It's MLS Power Rankings time as experts from different sites and media outlets put in there two cents and evaluate/rank MLS teams in an objective, statistical-powered analysis of the past week in MLS.

The latest edition of SB Nation's MLS Power Rankings are out and your Montreal Impact did not move from the 17th spot. As much as the soccer produced on the field has improved game to game since Game 1 vs the Vancouver Whitecaps, at the end, it's all about results and statistics. But on a positive note, some MLS editors, writers, bloggers have noted that the Montreal Impact's record does not totally reflect the quality of the team. But at the end, the wins column speaks louder than any good intentions and only victory translates into 3 points. The Impact are 3 points away from the 5th spot in the Eastern conference: a testament of the important win versus Toronto FC and the '' parity '' in the middle of the pack in the East.

The biggest jump in the SBNation MLS Power Rankings comes from the LA Galaxy and DC United.

The defending MLS Cup champion is waving off any early criticism on the team and its preparations for the 2012 season, shielded by Bruce Arena. Another big jumper is DC United that goes from 11th to 6th in our rankings, even though they have confirmed an offensive potential with a Chris Pontius hat trick, it is also a reflection on weak New York Red Bulls defense. (The lowly Montreal Impact defense scored twice on the NY Red Bulls..just saying).

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Teams that had strong starts continue their stride with Sporting Kansas City (even after losing to the Portland Timbers) retaining its crown but is starting to get competition from the San Jose Earth Quakes, a team that few expected to have such a good start. One team that is slowly creeping into the Power Rankings and the MLS standings is the Vancouver Whitecaps that is showing its offensive portfolio but getting at its defensive side with an under-estimated duo of Bonjour and De Merit.

As per the bottom, where the Montreal Impact lies, we see different teams with different profiles and different styles. Philadelphia Union and the New England Revolution are being credited for having two wins something that the Impact and Toronto FC do not have. The disappointing team that we see lower than its fans want is the Columbus Crew. The Ohio team has known an easy start to its schedule by playing and beating Montreal and Toronto but has struggled to keep form against stronger oppositions. Still, the quality of the team p front and in the midfield should see it higher in the Power Rankings and standings but like for your Montreal Impact; 3 points show up in the standings, not the way you play.

The SBNation MLS Power Rankings for Week 7 goes as follow:

Team Avg. Last Week
1. Sporting KC 1.2 1
2. Earthquakes 2.55 4
3. RSL 3 2
4. Sounders 3.5 3
5. Galaxy 6.95 9
6. D.C. United 7.3 11
7. Dynamo 7.4 6
8. Red Bulls 7.95 5
9. Whitecaps 8.25 10
10. FC Dallas 9.35 7
11. Rapids 11.05 8
12. Fire 11.35 12
13. Chivas USA 13.25 13
14. Timbers 14.05 15
15. Crew 14.25 14
16. Revolution 15.55 16
17. Union 15.85 17
18. Impact 17.85 18
19. Toronto FC 19 19