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Mike Fucito: '' The whole package didn't really seem to be a fit ''

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On MLS's podcast ExtraTime Radio with Jason Saghini, Simon Borg, Greg Lalas and Nick Firchau, Mike Fucito talked about his time in Montreal and about the fit or lack there of. He did not really point out to a specific factor that made his stay in Montreal so short as he said:

it was just one of those things.. you kinda knew

He was asked when did he know that the fit was not there (with the Montreal Impact) since the trade out of the Seattle Sounders and as you listen throughout the interview, you hear some doubts about the fit from the beginning and coming out with some odd arguments as per a potential language issue (?). But it's not really that argument that bothers me that much but the fact that it seems to hiding something else. I sincerely didn't feel that the Fucito wanted to be there from the beginning and like he said

You learn some things when you get there

..referring to situation in Montreal that surprised him or maybe things that he did not expect. At this point, it does not really matter as both parties parted ways but without wanting to speculate too much, something happened that we will never know: it could be as simple as not being the right fit from the beginning.

And it was confirmed by both Mike Fucito and Jesse Marsch that Mike Fucito will not able to play against the Montreal Impact as per the trade agreement.

Good Luck to Mike Fucito with the Portland Timbers.

You can listen to the full podcast by going to the ExtraTime Radio podcast page.