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SBNation MLS Power Rankings Week 2 : Montreal Impact jump a spot

The SBNation MLS Power Rankings for week 2 have been compiled and the widget has been updated. The Montreal Impact have gone up a spot and occupy spot number 18 , edging by 0.50 the New England Revolution.


How are these numbers and rankings compiled? We use sophisticated data analysis tools, tangible metrics and empirical research. Basically ,each blog ranks all 19 MLS teams from 1 to 19. An average is taken for each team and with the magic of automatic sorting. Et Voila!!!

With the excellent SBNation MLS Power Rankings widget, you can see the team's rankings, what is their current rank and their rank of the previous week. There is no perfect science to make a power ranking and obviously wins, ties and losses will pretty much say which teams ranks where. But still, the SBNation MLS Power Rankings are compiled by 19 MLS blogs that follow their local teams and also the rest of the league.

Enjoy the Rankings and don't forget to comment and even make your own Power Rankings with a Fan Post.

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