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Montreal Impact vs Chicago Fire: Post Game Comments

You could call a record breaking crowd of 58,912 to be a decent crowd for the Montreal Impact historical home opened vs the Chicago Fire. Sport quizzes will be updated could include the first goal scorer of the Montreal Impact in MLS, its first MLS captain. Both questions have the same answer and his name is Davy Arnaud.

A big thank you to the Montreal Impact Communications team for providing quotes from players and coach of the Montreal Impact.

Montreal Impact Head Coach Jesse Marsch

There were a lot of good individual performances, but as a team, we had a good night. We got the lead. It would have been good to try and hold on to it a little longer and test them to try and get the second. Aside from the goal, the Fire really didn't have too much offensively, and that's a little frustrating, but it's a step in the right direction.

He continues about the challenge of scoring goals

The challenge of every new team is now in the attacking third where its hard to score goals. If goals were easy to score then everyone would player forward. But trying to move along our ideas and our understanding of what we want our plays to look like in the final third.. for the most part thought we were fairly threatening tonight and i dont think that the Chicago bench was ever sitting down comfortably.

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Patrice Bernier, defensive midfielder for the Montreal Impact

It is a good moment with 58,000 people, it was electric. Especially when we scored, we felt the atmosphere that could be had at the Olympic Stadium. It's unfortunate we couldn't get the 3 points with all the chances we had as they [Chicago Fire] had few and still managed to get tie it up.. but it was a good home game.

Justin Braun, Forward for the Montreal Impact

A lot of energy out there, we gotta give that to the fans to kind of go out, step out to that field and play in front of that crowd was amazing and I could probably say that it was the best experience I've had so far in this league. Hopefully, it will be like that every week.

Bernardo Corradi, Forward for the Montreal Impact

Yes ,it was good, it was good. I think the bets way to reach the best condition for me is to start playing..because you can train as hard as you want but just playing an official game can give you this sensation of your strength or how much is your condition

Davy Arnaud, Midfielder/Forward and Captain of the Montreal Impact

It's not gonna be easy. It's a lot tough playing in the MLS on the road, we know that. Historically, teams , honestly, dont do well on the road but we have to buckle down, we have to grind out some results on the road. It's not gonna be easy but we have the group with a good mentality that is capable of it.

Davy Arnaud About the crowd

The crowd is phenomenal and loud, we could barely hear each other out there but the support was great and hopefully we put on a good performance for them. I think it was an entertaining game and hopefully we keep them coming back because they will be able to give energy to us.