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Gio’s thoughts: Forza Corradi! Allez Gerba? Home opener vs Fire

Credit: Montreal Impact
Credit: Montreal Impact

Benvenuto Bernardo Corradi! Yesterday, the Impact finally announced the signing of the journeyman Italian, who was with the team on a trial basis, to a deal. While the policy is to never release terms, it is reported to be for a 3 month time. The soon-to-be 36 year old forward has been a part of many teams throughout his career with decent success and so far, has really bought into Marsch's program.

Corradi's role has yet to be defined but one has to believe that he'll be given every chance to make it into the starting XI. This move could push Justin Braun into more of a support/2nd striker role to relieve some pressure on the young forward. It could also set up a potential future partnership between him and a future DP. As the Impact try to find their attacking rhythm, the possibilities are still endless!

During the open house at the Big O, Bernardo Corradi mentioned that he is trying to convince another Italian player to come to Montreal. With him and Ferrari already on board, perhaps it's time to incorporate the Italian flag into the logo? Sell Espresso in the stands? Have Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D spin some Italian music during home games?


Last night, during the ‘Open House' at the Big O, a group of fans started chanting Ali Gerba's name. For those of you who may not know, Ali Gerba is a current/former Impact forward/fan favorite (under contract, but not a part of the team) who is at home waiting for an offer from another team. The Impact have said that they would allow Gerba to leave for another team for free however, either no team from the MLS or another league has offered him a contract or he has refused every offer he's received. He wasn't invited to camp and was asked to stay away from the team. He has no future with the Impact.

While the chants probably didn't affect the players, it seems unfair to start criticizing the current forwards after only one game. Fans need a chance to allow the team to find their offensive flow. Marsch and his coaching staff have all said that it will take time. It may be time for fans to move on, remember Gerba for the good times and look forward to the future!


A few thoughts on the Fire-Impact game on Saturday:

* From this week's practices and what was shown at the Open House, it seems that Marsch will be going with the same lineup as last week vs Vancouver:


Brovsky - Ferrari - Wahl - Gardner

Arnaud - Bernier - Felipe - Mapp

Nyassi - Braun

* Defensively, there should be an increased stability and reliability that should help eliminate the two miscues that put the team down 2-0 last week.

* If the starting XI does remain intact, the Impact will need a stronger game from Justin Mapp, who really struggled during the last game. An improved performance from him will really help stretch the defence and allow for more scoring chances.

* In midfield, Bernier and Felipe will have to be quicker with their decisions and passes. Quick feet will force the defense to open up a little and give them more space to be creative in order to offer better service to Braun and Nyassi.

* Marsch will have less patience on the offensive side and shouldn't hesitate to pull a switch earlier in the game if need be. Fucito needs more than 20 minutes to make his presence felt.

* Evan James and Zarek Valentin are away from the team on U23 International duty.

* Bernardo Corradi will not be available in time for Saturday's game due for paperwork reasons. -- Edit: News have come from the Montreal Impact that Bernardo Corradi is eligible for Saturday's game and could potentially be part of the 18-player roster.

With the home opener only a day away, the Impact are close to breaking the attendance record. If you are in Montreal, what are you waiting for? Buy a pair of tickets and be a part of history!