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Notes and Audio from Practice: Dynamic Stretching, 8 vs 8 and anticipation

credit: Montreal Impact
credit: Montreal Impact

On a rainy/snowy day, the Montreal Impact had another practice at the Complexe Sportif Marie-Victorin, a top-notch CEGEP-run facility with a very nice indoor soccer stadium.

Regular practice for the team with the classical pre-practice speech from Jesse Marsch, warm-up and a good 8 vs 8 opposition. Bernardo Corradi seemed in good spirits and shape as he did not necessarily look slow or lost. The Italian striker is still on trial with the Montreal Impact but more details were given on him potentially joining the team and under what terms.

Here is some audio that I was able to get from practice. This is my first time so dont be too harsch but it's not bad at all. Maybe, one day Mount Royal Soccer readers and fans will have audio and video. Enjoy.

Jesse Marsch during his regular chit-chat to the media after practice.

Bernardo Corradi about his contract situation with the Montreal Impact

..and Montreal's multiculturalism

A 1 on 1 (Me!!) with Sanna Nyassi about expansion, confidence, positioning and the Gambian national team.